Tuesday, January 5, 2010


These are just some cute doggie funnies for those of you who love dogs as much as I do. Several of them remind me of my motley crew.

The card on the top is actually the front of a card Kevin gave me yesterday. It is good to know that he finally understands the proper order of things. LOL!

We might be on cria watch again, Chloe is starting to exhibit some behavior indicating that her time might be getting close. She is the one that was bred at 14 months for some unknown reason and given that this is her first, she could go early. She is as broad as the dang side of a barn that's for sure. I will keep a close eye on her and update everyone.


  1. YES!

    quickly thinking of relevance.
    och, I got nothing Captain.
    OH! Good luck to Chloe!
    Love the 'toons!
    Power to the Princess Bitches!

  2. Kevin gets the greatest cards, I have saved a few, I will try to find them. Neither of us does the gushy bday, vday, anniversary type cards. The more true to life we find, the better. One year I got him a Father's day card from the dogs, but it was really a Farter's day card, you know how Spot is. It was a real hoot.

    The toons came from a calender one of my good work buddies gave me called "Bad Dogs," some really good stuff. I will look for more to post later.

  3. cool card! Good thoughts for Chloe!

  4. My favourite is the one about telling his father and the basset face. Tons of good thoughts for Chloe.

  5. Funny... I will keep my hands folded for Chloe. And that long awaited talk time.

  6. Hurrah for Chloe!!! May her delivery be quick and easy and a happy cria. (I want to put in a quick word for a female!) Love the cards, I like to find stuff like that for my FIL. He is a jokester himself. Princess Bitch--Uhm, I think I am working on Queeeeeeenn, thank you very much!! 'Specially with our weather forcast--6-8" tonight. Where the hell is April?????

  7. Do pacas ever twin? Do they survive?

  8. Phaedra, hoping for a female too, but really just want a healthy cria more than anything.

    Kevin loves to get cards like that for my birthday, but he always writes something really sweet inside. You should see the card he got for his brother's BDay, it burps, much like his brother. LOL!

    I think it is rare for them to have twins and am not thinking the survival rate would be good for any that are born. I should google it to be sure though.