Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I just got back in from my feeding/haying/watering and checking up on the new momma/cria. They are doing well. I did try to put a blanket on the new baby but Chloe was not happy. She started to act like she didn't know her baby. I watched for a bit, then took it off. The pic of the two laying down together was after I took it off. It isn't going to be THAT cold tonight, baby is dry and fluffy and they are very sheltered where they are.


  1. Oh, what a pretty colour!
    Yeah, dry/fluffy is good.
    Ooooh, so fluffy!

  2. Sweet little thing isn't she. Cutest baby ever!

  3. She is adorable! So nice to see he up and doing well

  4. That last picture is priceless.

    Healthy, soft and fluffy, who could ask for more?

  5. She wuvs her mommy, She is a friendly little one. Just like her mom. She didn't even struggle when I picked her up to weigh her and she likes her back rubbed on.

  6. She is simply adorable! I may trade minis for pacas!

  7. GL, the cria are always willing to be gazed at adoringly, and provide happy thoughts to all who do. It is in the Paca Handbook under Cria Job Descriptions.

    I was just out there with them. She is doing extremely well, knock on wood. She is very active and curious and pronking around like crazy.

  8. We got her IGG results today - 1919


    1000 is considered good, way to go Chloe!!

  9. OoooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Thanks again!

    Yay Chloe, good IGG's!

  10. she's beautiful, ccc. And Chloe, too. Look at those gentle eyes!
    Glad to hear that the vet gave her the 'good to go' check.

    I'm going to check with our city to see if 'pacas are allowed in backyards...

  11. Paddy,

    Everytime I go out and watch her bright happy little self pronking around, I get giddy. Kevin and I have been so fearful after what happened with Shannon.

    Chloe is the sweetest of our adult pacas and her baby is the same. She likes it when I rub her back. I have refrained from hugging and kissing on her as you aren't supposed to do that.