Sunday, November 29, 2009


Some new pics of our newest cria, Shannon, born Thanksgiving night about 8:00 pm. It was so exciting because Kevin, my daughter and my dad got to see it. When Audrey and I went out to feed, her toes were just peeping out. Of course, Drizella did fine, she was up then down, then up several times, but the cria came out while she was standing. There goes a couple of myths, they don't always have their cria in the afternoon and they don't always have them laying down.
Anyway, she is a lovely shade of dark brown. Much darker than either parent. Her dad, Smith Barney is the picture to the left. Sorry I couldn't do better, he wouldn't stand still because he was pissed off that Artemus got to do the Wild Alpaca Dance again and he didn't. He is next though, we will breed him to Chantilly next weekend.



It was time to check and see if Caitlin took on her breeding to Artemus. Kevin lead him in and directly over to her to get her reaction. She wanted no part of him and told him so with a big gob of spit. Score!
So, since Clare is about a month old, it was time to rebreed her. Kevin lead Artemus over and bam down she goes and Artie did his thing.
As you can see, there was quite a crowd of interested spectators. I think Tipper was a bit too interested.
The bottom picture was afterwards, I guess it is like smoking a cigarette.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Drizella finally gave birth. My daughter and I went out to feed about 8:00 PM after a very lovely TG dinner and I could tell Drizella was in labor, it was really obvious . I actually got to watch this one being born.
These pics are very shortly after she was born. Yes, I said she, Yaaa Hooo!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Drizella is due on Wednesday, but this morning she started exhibiting behavior that she might be ready to pop. Her belly has dropped and she is keeping some distance from the herd. She also didn't eat much feed this morning. A couple of times she has laid down but not in kush position, her back legs were to the side and she had her tail up. I am checking her every thirty minutes. She is five years old and I don't know if she has ever had a cria. The record keeping of the previous owner is less than optimal.
The other pictures are of a bit of cria games that I took while observing Drizella. Cute little buggers and even Currency, the big fawn girl got into. Such joy baby animals have, it never fails to make me happy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Artemus' Jasper 6/1/05-11/18/09
The last year was unkind to you. You are now in a better place and I will see you on the other side.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We turned the new cria and Mama Chantilly back out with the herd today. We finally have sunny, warm weather. Chantilly really appeared to want out after being stuck inside in a pen for almost a week.
Meet HHF Killarney, otherwise known as Killer. We found out his IGG was low, but he is doing just fine. He has gained weight and been just as active and bright as either of the other two. I think his ears are looking a little better, hopefully, over time they will straighten up more.
One of these days I will get some video of them pronking around. Everytime I have gone out there to video, they just walk or stand around.

Cria Cuteness Alert!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Meet our latest addition to HHF, Chantilly had her cria this morning probably around 8:30. Another boy and weighing in at 15 lbs. Kevin got cria duty this time. He had gone out to do his chores and there he was. He was still wet and covered in afterbirth. Chantilly hadn't even passed the placenta. Kevin looked around for it and couldn't find it. Eventually, he saw it kinda just hanging there, he walked up behind her and took hold, she walked off and out it plopped.
I knew she was going to go today so I was going to leave work early, well she foiled my plans by having him in the morning. Hummppfhhh!
He has been nursing very well and the vet will be out in the AM to do the necessary shots and bloodwork.
Doesn't he have the cutest ears? I have a feeling they will straighten up but I am glad I got these pictures before.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Pics!

These are the pretty bushes that are outside of my bathroom window. I have no idea what they are but I really like them.
One of the few birds that has remained other than the wild turkeys, hawks and crows.

Boston Ferns do really well on our porches. None of them have even begun to turn brown. Skippy, our house guest is standing by the grill, she looks kinda like a coyote. Of course, Elvis is at the top of the stairs enjoying the sun. He is such a hound doggie.

I love Boston Ferns. They are such a lovely shade of green and are soft and wispy.

Gracie running around the back yard wishing she could get past the invisible fence to chase that damn deer that just ran through the woods.

Paca Pics!

This is Clare running up on poor Mama Annie!
Little Annie decided to wear her hay!

Double Poop!

Chloe and her killer bangs!

Cria Watch Is On!

Well, just waiting for Chantilly to pop. She is due on Tuesday. She is bred to Impact who is also Tip's daddy. I really want her to go this weekend so that I can see it. Pacas have their crias during the afternoon. It doesn't look like it will be today, I was just out there and nuthin, she just looked at me like what?
I took some more pics of the two cria that we do have. I tried for some video, but they weren't doing anything but nursing.
Look at how much bigger Tip is than Clare. He is only 6 weeks older. Doesn't Clare have the cutest face? She always looks like she is smiling.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bored Totally Silly!!!!!!!

I am so totally bored, we have had another crummy weather weekend. It is so unusual for this time of year. Normally, we are a bit on the dry side with lots of 70 degree sunny days.
The top pic shows what my backyard looked like about 30 minutes ago, what you can't see is the rain that is coming down, dreary, dreary, dreary.
The next pic is out of one of my bathroom windows, I love those bushes, such a pretty color and they get pretty red berries. Our house is on a slope, so on that corner, the bathroom windows are probably 25 feet off the ground, that shows how high those bushes are. I have wanted to get pics from the outside but the weather has been so poor.
The puppy is of our house guest Skippy, she belongs to our friend T.J. who was such a big help with the Alpacas. He is Irish and went back there because his mother is ill. He has decided to stay (boohoo), so Skippy has had to go through all kinds of stuff before she can be shipped over there. T.J. is working on the last details with Ireland's AG Dept, and he needed somewhere for Skippy to stay until she leaves. Well, we love her, so volunteered. She spent lots of time here while T.J. was helping and was just wonderful. She is some kind of Japanese breed and very smart, makes my yaahoo dogs look positively atrocious.
Darn, I think the rain stopped, gotta run!