Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just a few pics of pacas. See how big Tipper has gotten, that is him next to his mom Caitlin. He is only 17 weeks old!

The first pic is Gracie doing something she shouldn't be doing, she is a sneak thief.

If you scroll down, you will see some new pics of HHF Kerry. She is doing very well. Her IGG results were fabulous, she is nursing very well and is very active.



  1. First, haHA!

    Adorableness has ensued, again..

    Gracie is very opportunistic is all, not sneaky. She better work on her big browns again. Poor misunderstood, woebegone hound.
    Pooor Gracie, awwwwww. Pat, pat, pat.

  2. GL,

    Don't encourage her, she is a brat, extremely cute, but a brat never the less.

    She is a dumpster diver. She loves to get into the wastebaskets in my bathroom and run off with whatever she can find.

  3. Well, jeez, give her a rabbit to torment;)

    I'm KIDding!

    She's a hound Dog. You're lucky she allows you in the house;)

    Hah, my old cat Jethro was a drawer dabbler. He'd lie on the counter, and IF the drawer wasn't tight shut, he'd "snick" stuff out with a claw. He loved a mess, ol' Jethro.

  4. OMIGOD, my word verf, I copy/pasted it so you'd believe me.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahahah.....(gasps for breath)

  5. My cat Colonel Parker likes to open drawers and cabinets, just because he can.

    Actually, I did that verf on purpose, knew you would love it!!!

  6. THey all look terrific! Gracie, what a sweetie, When Winston has something he shouldn't its always the same "Drop the dolly" Everything in Winstons world is a potential dolly

  7. Fern, with Grace it is always, No Grace, 2 seconds later, No Grace, 5 minutes later, No Grace and on and on! She is such a sweetie, she is just occasionally possessed by an evil spirit, that's all. LOL!!!

  8. Adorable. Thanks for the pictures. Colonel Parker is great name for a cat.

  9. Pacas are fabulous. So wonderful to see little Kerry bouncing around the way a cria should!!! Gracie is an opportunist. I have a cat who raids the sewing wastebasket to find any spool wrappers to bash around the house. The ONLY thing he ever really plays with other than the laser light which makes him and Keir perk up and get ready to GO!!!

  10. Adorable as always!!!! Yahoo to HHF cuteness. Best on the web!!