Monday, August 29, 2011


We survived Hurricane Irene with minor damage. We are far enough west to have the Tropical Storm force winds and rains instead of the full Cat 1 storm. It was a bumpy ride though. We lost power mid-afternoon on Saturday and are still out. Thank goodness we have a pretty big generator It is out there just humming away!

Had a couple of trees down, some limbs down and lots of debris. The only thing that I would consider to be real damage though is that side of one of the barns got blown off. Of course it was the lady pacas barn. We found them wandering around, happily grazing and flirting with the boys. They were easy to herd back in with breakfast though. No injuries and I think they enjoyed their little jaunt.

I got a couple of pics of the storm, but the worst of it came later and the pics didn't turn out at all, too dark.

My poor little hummers took a beating. They were soaked and would light on that string and shake their feathers out. I was pretty worried about them, but I think most of them weathered the storm just fine. They were back at the feeders early Sunday morning.