Sunday, October 16, 2011


Some updated pictures of my girls.

Darby is doing well. We are supplementing her with some extra milk because it doesn't seem that Drizella is producing quite enough. Just a few extra ounces three times a day. She readily drinks it then goes right over to mom and nurses a bit more.

Our next show will be the first weekend of December and we will be taking Shenanigan, Rowena, Fiona, Guiness and either Tipperary or Dakota.

They changed the date from mid October to early December and moved the venue. It will be held at Meadow Event Park just outside of Richmond. This will be SOOOO much better for us, it is a bit less than an hour from us instead of three hours from us.

Meadow Event Park was the horse farm where Secretariat was born and raised. The State bought it and has turned it into a very nice place. This is where the Virginia State Fair is now located.