Saturday, January 16, 2010



  1. Wow, what a perfect morning, love the hounds, and the one doing a happy dance on his back. LOVE it! I can almost hear them, galloping over the dales!

    Made My Day!
    Great job with the stirrup cups:)

    FIRST at the Hunt, YES!!

  2. What are stirrup cups? Where's the hound doing a happy dance?

    Really neat to see the sturdy hunter horses. Looks like so much fun. I think Ber would enjoy "the hunt."

    Hunters are hunting geese in all the neighboring fields here. Just men with shotguns and dogs. No horses.

  3. BH,

    The Stirrup Cup is "refreshments" that the riders partake of before they begin hunting. Usually involves a wee dram of alcohol. I had port wine, champagne and orange juice, ham biscuits, doughnuts and pastries.

    If you click on the top two pictures, you get a much closer look at the hounds. The guy on the dark bay is James, he is the Huntsman.

    We have lots of duck and geese hunters out today, they have blinds setup on the river.

  4. BH, if you scroll down to the next group of pics you will see my little table I set up. Fancy table cloth huh!

    Speaking of the hounds, one female kept trying to steal food off of the table. When the riders left out, all of the hounds except this one female charged off to hunt. She stayed around scrounging for ham biscuits. After a few minutes, James blew his horn and she charged off, came back about two minutes later. We ended up putting her into the trailer so she wouldn't get lost. I guess instead of a Foxhound, she is a Hamhound, LOL!

  5. Hah, funny hound! I wonder if that's the one that was doing the happy wiggle on her back. Sniffing CCC food may have just been too much for her!

  6. OH, yeah, the pics are really big. Thank you! Those tiny spots are actually dogs!

    Hamhound. lol. I guess she failed her job today. The little table is lovely. I wondered what it was for. So, where's the horses' "stirrup cup" or would it be called "Rein Draught?" :)

  7. Believe me, the horses were trying to eat the donuts and pasties. Pretty funny!

  8. Oh, back for more oohing and aaahing. the prick-eared dark bay, red-coated guy on the right.. Nice horse.
    The belgian/qh? is positively twinkling, isn't he??

    Jolly good fun, what?

  9. I am so jealous!!! I wanted a ham bisquit!!! Or a ham hound. Or a belg/QHX. Or one of the many bottles of liquor on the table.

    CCC- we must go fabric shopping and make you a proper stirrup cup table cloth. That is truly pathetic. Colorful but pathetic at the same time.

  10. Such fun photos, CCC!
    thanks SO much for sharing!
    I noticed that hound rolling on its back, too. Happy scritches for him/her.
    I like that bay that the man in the black hunt coat is atop -his boots have brown tops- - the pic with the champagne all lined up on the table.
    Heck, they're all beautiful, and that VA countryside as well!

  11. Yeah, I agree. The towels somehow lower the tone of the whole affair!!! The horses look happy and ready to go. Did you ride or just feed them?

  12. I iz bery sawry about da towells. Hangs head in shame and mortification.

    I thought I had a tablecloth that my mom had given me that would have been much nicer, but couldn't find the damn thing. At least the towels were the Hunt's colors.

    Phaedra, no I didn't ride, haven't ridden much in the past few months so horses and self way out of shape to go out for hours.

  13. NCC,

    Would love to!


    That bay is a nice horse, not sure who the guy is though.

  14. Very cool CCC! An polo friend of mine has been hunting one of his polo horses during the winter and I keep reading his "updates" on facebook. He was just out on a hunt today. I'm so jealous and want to go too! But oh yeah, farm, kids, money, life seem to be preventing it at the moment. Maybe sometime soon. I went on a hunt once when I was in high school. It was a wicked blast.

  15. Looks like a great day,love the doggie pics a ways back too

  16. Way cool CCC! Measurements and colors required and I can make you a tablecloth worthy of the Stirrup Cup offerings. Maybe even find a horn and hound to grace the front as well?

    Plenty of nice looking mounts there. Sounds like something I would give a try. At least once...

  17. *waves to PF*

    Did I tell you my potato's are sprouting? They are and the pumpkin seeds I planted last July are still blooming. No pumpkins yet... is there something I should do or know about?

  18. PF and CNJ, it is really fun. The nice thing about this hunt is that they have 3 flights so you can do what you would like including just walk the whole way.

    They are a nice bunch of people with some nice horses and you can't beat the locations of the hunts.