Sunday, January 31, 2010


A couple of pics from this morning. The sky it a most beautiful blue, tonight the moon will be just brilliant.

Kevin plowed us and the neighbors out with Fred the tractor. He also pulled Dolly the golf cart out from where he got her stuck last night.

The pic of the field is actually how you get back to our place and the plowed road is our road. A bit of the way down is our first driveway, which he did not plow, when you wind around a bit you come to our second driveway.

Going out in just a bit to get some paca pics.


  1. Holy Dinah! looks like my place with all the snow ! except it looks like that sky has a warmer sun shining in it

  2. How pretty it looks!

    It will be spectacular with the moonlight tonight.

    anxiously hovering for more pics...

    I'll go look at Kerry and the crew of crias again:)

  3. Fern, definitely a warmer sun here than what you have to deal with. It got up to 32 today, yesterday was only about 23. Incredibly cold for us, out daytime highs in the winter average about 46-48.

    I imagine the almost full moon with the totally clear skies and all of that snow will look almost like daytime.