Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, we finally got our garden going this weekend. We are a bit late, but that just means we will have fresh veggies a bit later than everyone else.

This year, Kevin contacted our buddy Charles about tilling up the garden. Charles, the guy in the blue shirt, is a native Charles City Countyion and if you need something, he is the go to man. That is his tractor with his new disc. Hell, why hand till your garden when you can have a big tractor with a disc, a nice guy (BUCK) with great dreads, come and do it for you in a matter of 15 minutes. Beautiful!

We have planted tomatoes, cucumber, cantaloupe, green beans, zuccini and squash.

We have also put in some nice potted flowers and I am hoping the climbing climatis will do well this year.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a few new pics from around the farm.

My wisteria has come in very nicely this year. Last year, one side came in way after the other side. I almost thought that one side had died. This year no problem.

I included a shot of Buck and Spunky enjoying their grass. Those two are so funny together but I think old Spunk looks good for thirty. That odd post in the middle of the picture is part of a fenceline that Kevin is taking down by the way.

A couple of new pics of our cria, Rowenna aka Wenna, Fiona aka Fee and Guiness the Menace.

The last two are of paca "romance" Artie style. We are putting Dancer and Artie together for an early April 2012 cria. We will put Artie back with Bubbles later this month. Chantilly won't be rebred until November, Chloe next spring and Caitlin will not be bred again. She is 15 this summer, so she has earned her retirement.