Saturday, May 22, 2010


My father passed away somewhat unexpectedly on Saturday 5/22/2010. As you can see by the pictures (these have been posted before), he was career Army. He was a proud Alumni of Texas A&M and a Veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The pictures of him in uniform were of when we were stationed in Ethiopia in the early 1960's. My dad was in charge of teaching the Ethiopian Army how to operate the tanks that the USA sent over.

He was a Helluva great guy and I will miss his humor and kindness. Our Saturday morning talks and the stories we shared with each other were so very special to me!

His Spirit lives on here at HHF forever!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


On Friday, I read a story about two seventeen year old boys in Ohio who have been arrested in the death of a three month old alpaca cria named Masterpiece. These boys stole this animal, beat him to death with a makeshift club and dumped his poor, lifeless body in some barn.

As I scratch and love on my cria, I can't help but think of Masterpiece.

I put the pics up of my cria because they are the faces of Masterpiece. These faces are what those two boys looked at while they intentionally beat the life out of him. Why would someone do something like that? I can't comprehend this sickness.

The State of Ohio is stepping up to the plate on this one at least. As of right now, one of the boys will be tried as an adult on the felony charges which include grand theft. The other boy's charges are still pending and the twenty three year old woman who was in on it is being charged as an accomplice.

I HATE what this world has become!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It finally happened, we were able to pick up the new ladies. The grey is Ore Hill Bubbles and the brown/white is SNF Wind Dancer.

I will get some more individual pictures later. They are all kinda milling around each other at this point, but it is going pretty well. It was funny to watch Boots, he kept sniffing under Dancer's tail, and she kept kicking him in the chest. Apparently, Boots isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Bubbles just spit on everyone, LOL!

I had to add the pics of my baby girls Clare and Kerry, sweet wittle things!!!