Sunday, November 29, 2009


Some new pics of our newest cria, Shannon, born Thanksgiving night about 8:00 pm. It was so exciting because Kevin, my daughter and my dad got to see it. When Audrey and I went out to feed, her toes were just peeping out. Of course, Drizella did fine, she was up then down, then up several times, but the cria came out while she was standing. There goes a couple of myths, they don't always have their cria in the afternoon and they don't always have them laying down.
Anyway, she is a lovely shade of dark brown. Much darker than either parent. Her dad, Smith Barney is the picture to the left. Sorry I couldn't do better, he wouldn't stand still because he was pissed off that Artemus got to do the Wild Alpaca Dance again and he didn't. He is next though, we will breed him to Chantilly next weekend.


  1. They are adorable. She looks like a delicate little deer. I sooooooo want one! Or two! But, I would have to let all my horsies go. Sigh. Real life sucks sometimes when the voice of reason kicks in. Bleeech!

  2. She does look like a little deer doesn't she. Cria have such long spindly legs.

    Why would you have to let your horsies go? I still have all four of mine. Pacas actually pay for themselves as they provide write offs that horses don't unless you are in business breeding, selling or training them.

  3. fuzzy wuzzy deer, mind you. I love her!!!

  4. Their faces are so cute, you just want to kiss em right on their wittle noses.

  5. (gasping for breath)


    She's absolutely adorable, and look how they are posing for their pictures now!
    They are hookin' on the smarm, CCC:)
    They like you!

    I love the Smith Barney picture. An alpaca in deep thought/spit.

    Puffy/wuffy precious babies!

    sigh. Can you UPS the little thing?
    Kidding, unless I can keep an alpaca in my
    Never MIND.
    Oh, they look sooooo CUTE. Short word, needing embellishments.

    Hmmmm, the Cria Chorus!!
    Altogether now, cute,clever,Crias!!

    Suddenly, I want a pair of shiny high platform boots..
    eeeek, I'm still in ABBA land!
    They'd come out of retirement for a cria chorus, don't you think?

  6. GL, just saw Momma Mia on Friday. Enjoyed it immensely. I loved ABBA back in the day, even though it didn't exactly fit in with my other musical tastes, Aerosmith and Southern Rock.

    How could they refuse those wittle bitty faces?

  7. OhMyGAwd, I actually watched a Biography channel thing on ABBA. My previous world of anti-ABBAdom is so over. It's a paradigm shift for my cultural way of BEing.
    I feel guilty that I dismissed them so firmly, back in the day.

    They'd LEAP at the chance for a quadruple cria chorus, CCC. LeaP!

    or maybe pronking would be more their speed now:)

  8. Oh, and blogger isn't updating my perusal worthy list NEARly as quickly, anymore.
    So, I didn't know there was a new post!
    (kicks blogger)

  9. Tip is definitely a big 'un:)

    He's HUGE!

    I'm glad you've decided to stop the paca pronography. You CoulD probably make money at it, ewwwwwwwww.

    I mean..
    I knew Tip would be warped! Oh, the alpacity!

    Hah, new word.

  10. word verf, sorry these do make me laugh, as the hour gets later.

    I'm gonna take a prionzin, and go to bed!

  11. GL, you make me snork. Can't wait until we turn little Shannon out with the rest, there will be 4 cria pronking. Maybe we could figure out some new words for the Twelve Days of Christmas, "four crias pronking."

  12. eeeeks, 14th.

    Yup, I hear a new Christmas Carol a'comin'.

  13. Hey CCC, 8 pm your time was afternoon in California. Dris is just a California girl!:)

  14. No breedin'. Just feedin' and brushin' and once in awhile ridin' and drivin'. I love them. I never want to be without a horse. Right now I have a three acre pasture seriously overgrazed with four on it because the other pasture has been a pond-in-progress for the last two years. It is pretty much done now except for some leveling and seeding and refencing and......I hope to at least run some hot wire around the pond area next spring so I can do some half-assed rotation to give the main pasture a rest. Financially, it just is not feasible. I could not justify buying a paca when it will take at least 10 grand for finishing this house--kitchen, bathroom, backroom/laundry area and fixing the barn roof. Sooooo. I guess I am a surrogate paca looker and lover. Maybe I need to start buying a lottery ticket, eh? I also have a serious addiction to their yarn, so yummy and soft and.....I do sound rather like a moron, don't I? I am not really. Just very tactile, I guess.

  15. BH, good point, she did have the cria in the afternoon somewhere in the world. LOL!

    Phaedra, you are welcome to be a surrogate anytime.

    You should feel the fiber on the crias, it feels like a cloud.

  16. I'm fffreeeezin.
    I wanna cria cloud coat!

    Phaedra, reality, schmeality.
    Get a cria.

  17. YAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! Golightly told me to get a cria. (SO glad she did not tell me to get a life!!!) Shannon is MINE!!!! --Jumping up and down with glee---

  18. silently stalking CCC for a cria

  19. The All Powerful GL speaks, all must listen.

    Phaedra - Shannon, check.

    Putting NCC down for several as they would look positively adorable rambling around the grounds of the House.

    Not only do you get adorable, lovely fiber to make sweaters but you get tax breaks. What more could you ask for?

  20. Heyyyy, wait a dang minute.
    I said, I repeat, Get "A" cria.

    Shannon is mine, allll mine, I tell ya!

    (grabs Gobbles and runs)
    I want to name her something other than Gob, for short. I mean, puhhhh-leeeeze.
    Look how dainty, adorable..

    Fends off Phaedra's horse herd..

  21. drat. I had something better, but I was hoping word verf would make me snork, too.
    surbeti, just doesn't make me laugh.

    OH, Off in the distance, is it, It IS!
    My ABBAesque CriA ChoruS to The Rescue!!!!!!
    Herd of donkey with platform chrome stacks.. Oh, wait a minute, hold the chrome stacks. That's crewel.
    Satiny Polos, yeah, that's it.. Glittery manes!

    My donkeys WiN over Phaedra's measly equines!!
    general chaos ensues..
    (muttering off into the distance)

  22. I think Golightly is having a crisis....I guess I want Currency instead....I do not want to ruin GL's day taking away her cria.....

  23. awwwwwwwww
    sweet little Gobbles aka Shannon,
    little chocolate cria!

  24. Oh, you guys are no fun.
    I was TRYing to get a cria chaos chorus going.

    pass the chocolate, Paddy!

  25. Yes, right now we have, to the tune of "Twelves Days of Christmas,"

    "Four Crias Pronking"

    Any suggestions?

    GL, how about this, to the tune of an ABBA great, "Fernando":

    "There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, My Artemus."

  26. Phaedra, you don't want Currency, she is the very big fawn colored adult female who is pushy and has problems with pregnancy.

    You want baby Clare, she is the little dark fawn cria who looks like she is always smiling.

  27. Criiiiiaaaa in over you
    To Roy Orbisons Crying

  28. Damn. I seem to be outnumbered, outpouted, outchorused, out, out, out, out! I guess I will just wait until the next round of popping out crias. Sigh. (why do I always have to waaaaaiiiiitttt? Is it because I cannot sing? I did go discoing to ABBA when I was in Germany a bazillion years ago. Can that count? I wore three inch heels and wore a size four and everything?) bursts into tears and runs away to cry on my horsie who only wants to be turned out to eat his hay and all that

  29. CCC, promise me I get first choice the next lot, 'kay?

  30. That's Fern for you, takes all the good appies, now all the good crias. NOW that is alpacity. Pushy broad.
    Word verf is unpic. Yeah, Fern, you better unpic some paca's.

  31. Oh
    They are just so dang cute.
    My aunt has pacas too...She's got a Rebecca and a Jeffrey and...a few more I cant rememeber the names of...


  32. Phaedra gets the next cria. Mom is Chloe, the one with the cute bangs from a few posts ago and dad is Artemus, lucky girl!

  33. Dang, we're onto something with this.

    Cria Chorus Co-Conspirator out.

  34. OOOOOOOOOOOh! I love Chloe! I was going to name a Percheron baby that had she been a filly. Mare died, I cried. ALot. Phaedra was my first. I do not know where she is and The Perch Assn wants $75 to find her. DAMN. I will settle for Chloe's baby. YAAAAAY!!! Take that, FV and GL!

  35. hey, NO fair!!

    I am not sure just what isn't fair.
    But, it isn't!

    I wanna cria!
    Oh, never mind. I haz virtual crias.

  36. Phaedra, you have Perch's?

    I have one too. His name is Buck, if you go into my older posts you will find some pics of him.

  37. I do not anymore. When I filed for divorce, my mares were the first to go. Somehow I just could not pay him half of my horses. Pissed me off. They went to an old man in Michigan who loved them dearly. Far as I know, he has them yet. I would dearly love to know where my Phaedra is; she was my sweetie. It broke my heart to let her go. The jackass I sold Cleo and Julius to sent them to auction without saying a word to me. Guess where Cleo wound up? I have never been able to be civil enough to ask him what happened to Juli. It just sucks. That was one reason why I started following your blog, Buck. I have a pile of old Percheron News if anyone is interested. I was totally in love with Rabelais and Justamere Showtime. Two of my mares were granddaughters of Showtime. It showed. OKAY, I sound like a looney. I totally investigate my horses. I wanted to know where they came from and how they affected the breed. Did the same with the Fjords--unfortunately there is not as much info out there, for being an ancient breed. I guess it was because they were so utilitarian, unlike the Arabs where the bloodlines and family lines were so important.

  38. Roy O. has taken over my brain...
    Phaedra, that just sucks. I love Fjords, especially because the crack headed show crowd has not gotten to them yet. Hmm, extreme breeding..can you just imagine. 18 hand Fjords folks, get 'em now...!!!! Followed by giant crias...

  39. Oh, Phaedra, I am so sorry. I will just say, I have experienced some of that shit myself, Big Perchy hugs from me and Buck to you.

  40. Cat this one is my favorite. I don't know why just something.
    She is beautiful...
    She strikes me as very soft spirited. I am in love.

    Phaedra I am so sorry. We could have a Colorado Bulldog party with his private parts. While they are still attached???
    Just a thought.