Thursday, November 19, 2009


Artemus' Jasper 6/1/05-11/18/09
The last year was unkind to you. You are now in a better place and I will see you on the other side.


  1. Poor baby boy. Love ya Jasper and CCC. Big hugs.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. What happened? I thought they had a longer life span.

  3. Poor boy. At least he had you to watch over him while his health waned. Hopefully the necropsy will give you some answers. You did all you could. Godspeed sweet boy. Hugs to you and the hubby CCC.

    phaedra96 - He was sick last spring before CCC got him (right?) and just never totally picked back up. Sort of an unthrifty one poor Jasper.

  4. Phaedra, AB is right. Jasper was very sick last spring and almost died. I am not sure what the problem was, his previous owner can't really say. Anyway, when we got him in early June he was skinny and not very energetic. We tried to put weight on and were slightly successful but then he dropped it again. About a month ago, we found a worm in his poop, so I wormed him again and he did begin to thrive but about a week ago, he became constipated. We tried all kinds of things and did get some poop but then he just failed badly and I found him dead Wednesday evening. My husband had to take him for a post mortem because he is insured, so we will find out what went wrong.

    I am heartbroken.

    Thanks everyone for your concern.

  5. I missed this and as you know CCC I am very sorry.
    Lucky Jasper that he had you and Kevin.

  6. Let us know what the outcome is from the necropsy. It is so hard to fight to save an animal and fail, especially when you really have no idea who or what is the enemy.

  7. Dena, I know you are, and thanks.

    Phaedra, I will be sure to let you know the results, and thank you for your concern.

  8. Gosh, I need a new cria to raise my spirits. I still get a boost from my three cria now, but my spirits are flagging badly, am hoping that Druzilla pops this weekend.

  9. What everyone said.
    At least he was lucky enough to have had your great care, for the last year of his life.

    RIP sweet Jasper.
    Sorry I'm late. Blogger didn't show this as updated:(

    To Druzilla popping:)
    Or is that paca-ing..

  10. So sad , but he had the best of care with you I know! hugs to you for giving him all you did.

  11. We have the prelim results from the exam of Jasper.

    Nothing at all about impaction or even that he had large amounts of fecal material in his intestines.

    The poor boy had a large amount of disease going on internally. Masses and lesions on his heart, pancreas, kidneys and colon. Disease of his gallbladder and lungs.

    I think he has been slowly dying for quite some time. There wasn't anything that anyone could have done for him.

    We are still pending results from cultures and biopsies.