Sunday, November 29, 2009


It was time to check and see if Caitlin took on her breeding to Artemus. Kevin lead him in and directly over to her to get her reaction. She wanted no part of him and told him so with a big gob of spit. Score!
So, since Clare is about a month old, it was time to rebreed her. Kevin lead Artemus over and bam down she goes and Artie did his thing.
As you can see, there was quite a crowd of interested spectators. I think Tipper was a bit too interested.
The bottom picture was afterwards, I guess it is like smoking a cigarette.


  1. Thats just Artemus sayin "I da MAN!" Alpaca porn again? yeesh you are such a renegade!
    word verf human?

  2. Fern, Artemus didn't even know anyone was around. The noises he makes are so funny.

    Yea, we out here in the County are a pretty wild bunch. I am surprised that the FBI hasn't raided the place.

  3. I KNEW Tip was going to grow up preverted;)

    I mean..

    I'm calling cria protective services. He's warped, I tell ya,WARPED!

    yay for definite spit reactions,I know how she feels:)

  4. We have decided to separate the crias for further ah, breedings. They seem just a bit too interested in the proceedings, especially Tip. I am afraid he has been scarred by the whole thing. That is what you get when you take advice from the internet, bunch a perverts.

  5. I can say I have felt that way myself, just couldn't quite produce that much spit at one time. Caitlin not only did but she gave him such a stink eye. It was hilarious!