Monday, November 9, 2009


Meet our latest addition to HHF, Chantilly had her cria this morning probably around 8:30. Another boy and weighing in at 15 lbs. Kevin got cria duty this time. He had gone out to do his chores and there he was. He was still wet and covered in afterbirth. Chantilly hadn't even passed the placenta. Kevin looked around for it and couldn't find it. Eventually, he saw it kinda just hanging there, he walked up behind her and took hold, she walked off and out it plopped.
I knew she was going to go today so I was going to leave work early, well she foiled my plans by having him in the morning. Hummppfhhh!
He has been nursing very well and the vet will be out in the AM to do the necessary shots and bloodwork.
Doesn't he have the cutest ears? I have a feeling they will straighten up but I am glad I got these pictures before.


  1. Well my goodness, those ears are really something. Kinda like an elf. Look how tall!!!
    Is white a preferred color or does it matter?

  2. NCC,

    He is very tall, taller than Clare is at 2 weeks.

    As far as color, I think the preferred color is white as far the buyers of fiber. It can be dyed any color. People who want to show do like color though.

    I think his ears might straighten out. He probably got squished that way during the birthing process. His legs are nice and straight though which is way more important.

  3. Perfect!!! he is adorable! Though I think I like Clare's color best. Congrats on another healthy delivery!

  4. Fern, I agree, he and Tip are just cuties, but I like Clare's color better. That dark fawn color is my favorite.



    Dang, he's cute, what funny tulip-tilted ears!
    Congratulations, HHF!
    Kudos, Chantilly!

    He's a wee white hobbit!

    thanks, CCC!
    The cria cuteness never quits!

  6. I gotta admit, I like color also. But white is sweet too. Gonna looking like pronking cottonballs in the pastures.

  7. !!!!
    her ears remind me of...the...mahawari(nooot sure of the spelling of this breed) horse! :P

    hug her.

  8. Adorable. What a cute little thing with Romulan ears. Look at a pic of Romulan from the resent Star Trek movie.

  9. Ding ding ding!!!!! BHM wins the prize again!!!! Ears are so totally Star Trek.

  10. CCC- wanna send bhm her prize right away? kthanxbi

  11. I am going to send BHM her prize as soon as he is weaned. LOL!

  12. Mr Bhm is gonna be bery, bery happy.

  13. Oh joy! Is it a cria? Brett would would cry tears of joy if we won a cria. I don't know where we would put him though. Perhaps the cats will have to share some of the bed. The feline sleeper cell is touchy about those things.

  14. Another baby!?! God people are going to start thinking you are a breeder or something.
    Cracking myself up over
    He is handsome.
    A real chollo.
    Congratulations!!! Still waiting for that phone call but am beginning to understand that you may have been a little busy.

  15. Dena,

    Yes, we are popping them out left and right here. Have one more due this month and then a break until the end of January.

    Don't you love his ears? It would be considered a conformation flaw but we think they will correct themselves. It was probably caused by his position in utero.

    I know, I know, lots going on here and I know you have your hands full with the move and all.

  16. Oh, right, the next cria countdown, begins!
    Place your bets, laydeeez and gentlemen..
    I pick November.........., until the end of the month.
    hah. dibs.

    Chollo? Have you got a cold, Dena?
    Translate, ya witch.

    I'm thinking more Vulcan, now that I look harder, with a better computer monitor, at those inCredibly Cute ears..

  17. he's adorable, ccc. Love those little ears.
    cottonball-white crias, with fuzzy pipe-cleaner legs.
    way too cute.
    Pronking away.
    overload of cuteness at your place.

    uh, just realized, isn't the little one eating at the wrong end of the table there?