Sunday, November 15, 2009


We turned the new cria and Mama Chantilly back out with the herd today. We finally have sunny, warm weather. Chantilly really appeared to want out after being stuck inside in a pen for almost a week.
Meet HHF Killarney, otherwise known as Killer. We found out his IGG was low, but he is doing just fine. He has gained weight and been just as active and bright as either of the other two. I think his ears are looking a little better, hopefully, over time they will straighten up more.
One of these days I will get some video of them pronking around. Everytime I have gone out there to video, they just walk or stand around.


  1. Oh my, are they cute. Killer is beautiful.

  2. (collapses, overcome with cria cuteness)

    Thanks, CCC! I needed that!
    Yay for warm sun, you sure deserve it, after your run of horrific weather!

    A Killer Cria!
    He is terrifying!

    So tiny compared to Tip, but already as tall as Clare?

    Never fails, when animals are being cute, they stop, when they smell a video camera.

    Grumps abating,thanks, CCC!

  3. Ohmgosh those are freaking ADORABLE!!

    Cutest. Things. Ever. Want one!!

    Thanks for the link, I am in love. :) :)

    My daughter was just telling me she got to hold one this Summer when she was visiting her grandma's place in Colorado. Jealous!!

    I could not find your email address (per your comment on my blog), but as I mentioned there, you can email me at any time!

  4. This is number three. How many more are on the way? They are totally adorable. I do so want one! Or two! Some people that live around here are selling some but they have no papers and they have lice and I will not go near them. HE says they just cannot get rid of the lice!!!????

  5. Thanks SFTS, they are very adorable and so soft.

    Phaedra, one more cria this month, due on the 25th. Then we have a break until the end of January.

    My pacas are all registered and they don't have lice. Sounds to me like those people aren't trying real hard. They make lots of stuff to take care of lice.

  6. GL, he definitely has lots of leg doesn't he? He is doing really well, loves to just run around the pasture as soon as he figures out that I don't have the camera, LOL!

    You just can't be grumpy around them. I really enjoy evening feeding time, I put their tubs out and just stand there with them. They will come up and nose my hand or leg. I am slowly working on them letting me pet on them, that includes the ladies too. I have gotten Annie (Clare's mom) to give me paca kisses on my cheek. Makes me giggle.

  7. I needed a dose of cria cuteness.
    CCC, they are adorable.
    They really make me smile.

  8. word verif was 'ganthyst'
    kind of medieval-sounding, no?

  9. Cria Cuteness Craving.

    Thank you!!

    Oh, to pat those little faces.
    Kudos, CCC,for getting paca nuzzles started..
    They are so lucky to be yours! So Glad they're starting to figure that out. With you handling them, they will be pocket pacas by next year:)

  10. Oooooh, I just love the elven ears!

  11. I am so sad because after seeing yours; I wanted to check theirs out but will not. I also would have wanted to see the condition of their fleeces but they threw it all away. Wonder why? I find that kind of neglect disheartening when it all is so easy to prevent. It just takes effort and they have like five or six kids--all teens. Oh, well. I will just look at your happy crowd and drool.

  12. Phaedra, they probably threw it out because it was in such bad condition that it wasn't sellable. Good fiber goes for about $5.00 an ounce.

    I will keep posting pictures and we will have another one soon too.

    I wonder if I could put Christmas wreaths around their necks and take some really cute pictures?

  13. CCC - I want pictures of you trying to get the wreaths off, once you get htem on. Cria RODE-OOOOO! :)

    Super cute. I may need to visit soon. Since I can! Nah nah nah nah naaaah nah!

  14. I would, if it were me; make the wreaths with hay and stuff pacas would eat. Then you do not have to remove them, pacas would do it for you!!! Totally jealous of Autumnblaze. And, she needn't be so smug just cause she can go snuzzle pacas and I cannot. Pooh!

  15. Phaedra, really good idea. I might be quick, but sometimes my back isn't.

    Pleez excuse Autumnblaze, she is like that sometimes. ***eye roll***

  16. "sniff" Okay. (dragging feet as I go off to knit and watch TOP CHEF without paca snuggles)

  17. Phaedra, I love Top Chef, but I can't knit.

  18. Neither can I really. I am trying, though. Ribbing so far has defeated me. Sigh. I was glad to see Kevin take it again. Sort of wish Eli could have hung in there. Do not like Michael. I think it will be Bryan and Kevin with Kevin taking the whole enchilada( I hope anyway).

  19. I like Jennifer even though she hasn't been doing that well lately. I think Kevin is going to win though.

    Did you watch Top Chef Masters, I loved Hubert Keller and was pissed he didn't win.

  20. Yeah, I was pulling for him.. I just love Top Chef; bought both books and watch it every week. I would love to be a chef; guess I will just have to settle for Good Cook. Oh, well. Jennifer has not been consistant.