Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bored Totally Silly!!!!!!!

I am so totally bored, we have had another crummy weather weekend. It is so unusual for this time of year. Normally, we are a bit on the dry side with lots of 70 degree sunny days.
The top pic shows what my backyard looked like about 30 minutes ago, what you can't see is the rain that is coming down, dreary, dreary, dreary.
The next pic is out of one of my bathroom windows, I love those bushes, such a pretty color and they get pretty red berries. Our house is on a slope, so on that corner, the bathroom windows are probably 25 feet off the ground, that shows how high those bushes are. I have wanted to get pics from the outside but the weather has been so poor.
The puppy is of our house guest Skippy, she belongs to our friend T.J. who was such a big help with the Alpacas. He is Irish and went back there because his mother is ill. He has decided to stay (boohoo), so Skippy has had to go through all kinds of stuff before she can be shipped over there. T.J. is working on the last details with Ireland's AG Dept, and he needed somewhere for Skippy to stay until she leaves. Well, we love her, so volunteered. She spent lots of time here while T.J. was helping and was just wonderful. She is some kind of Japanese breed and very smart, makes my yaahoo dogs look positively atrocious.
Darn, I think the rain stopped, gotta run!


  1. OH, thank you,I was madly trying to figure out who the heck the dog was!

    She's absolutely beautiful. I need to go look up what the heck she is.
    What beautiful, soulful eyes she has.
    Tova Inu?
    rats. memory cell blinked.
    not sure. Where IS that book? grumble..
    Anyway, give her pats and hugs, if she's of a mind. She longs for Ireland...
    Half of me does, too:)

    Your place is so beautiful, even on the dreariest days.

  2. GL, that might be it Tova Inu. I know T.J. told me one time last summer, but I don't remember for sure.

    She is a very special dog, I know she misses her dad, she has been moved around alot since he left in July. She is somewhat confused. She is 11 years old, so it has to be especially hard on her. If he can't get her over, she has a permanent home here. Get this, she sleeps on a dog bed, what is up with that?

  3. Skippy , found a wonderful place to hang out till she moves ! what a cutie!
    Hope the weather brightens up

  4. Fern, me too, it did stop raining, but looks like it could start again. The rest of the week looks good though, sunny and 60's, please, please, please!!!

  5. To Sunny, 60 degree days for CCC!

    Awwww, what a sweet Skippy thing, lucky she has you, at least.

  6. Okay, word verf was


  7. You havz berry cool word verfs!


    That's pretty..

  8. A Shiba Inu maybe? IDK oriental breeds much. She looks like a sweetheart.

    No sun here at all. Rainy, dreary day.

    my word verf is anonsybl. Of course

  9. CCC,
    Your crias are soooo cute it could kiss them and hug them and have a cuteness over dose.

    Fall is my favorite time for riding and walking. Hopefully you will get sun tomorrow.

  10. NCC, the Shibas are smaller, I think. Pretty sure.
    Atone point I thought old red dog might have had some Shiba in her, but not as much as she aged..

  11. snated

    yeah, I'm snated.
    Have a sweet dreamy night!

  12. I love the look of this pup. whatever breed she is, she's very pretty. You can see the sweetness in her eyes.
    Does she have an Irish accent when she barks?

  13. Paddy,

    She has a lovely, lilting Irish howl!