Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Pics!

These are the pretty bushes that are outside of my bathroom window. I have no idea what they are but I really like them.
One of the few birds that has remained other than the wild turkeys, hawks and crows.

Boston Ferns do really well on our porches. None of them have even begun to turn brown. Skippy, our house guest is standing by the grill, she looks kinda like a coyote. Of course, Elvis is at the top of the stairs enjoying the sun. He is such a hound doggie.

I love Boston Ferns. They are such a lovely shade of green and are soft and wispy.

Gracie running around the back yard wishing she could get past the invisible fence to chase that damn deer that just ran through the woods.


  1. My bostons did well this year too, I guess watering helps. I wonder how long they will last into w*****?

    Ummm... Gracie is looking a bit thin, CCC. feed much?

  2. Yea, during the heat we water them everyday. The awnings really help their longevity, keeps the frost off. Although, I think in past years they were starting to have some brown on them by this time. These don't have any.

    Gracie is merely naturally stocky NCC. Geez!

  3. hah, Great Predator Gracie!
    Doesn't she look powerful!
    Yeah, I'd feed her some more, she's lookin' kinda wizened... Maybe from being a jail-bird and all;)

    Love the colours of HHF.
    Prettier than a picture!

  4. Gorgeous plants , we have brown and grey here .

  5. ClareCriaCompleteCutenessCollapse!
    Oh, her little face...

    Oh, my,I wanna CRIAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    (taps foot)

    Good luck to little Chloe!

  6. Adorable pacas and beautiful property. I wannn CRIAAAAA! I won't let Brett see any of these pic because he'll go buy a cria on the spot.

  7. Tried to post but was having another arguement with google. Seems we have resolved our issues for now. How many crias are you expecting? Do they show signs like mares and cows? Or do you just find cria? They are adorable and I loooove Chloe!

  8. Phaedra, they are supposed to show signs but I haven't seen any. I think what they do is wait until I leave for work, then they work real hard to birth so that I can freak out when I get home.

    We have one more due this month then have a break until the end of January.