Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cria Watch Is On!

Well, just waiting for Chantilly to pop. She is due on Tuesday. She is bred to Impact who is also Tip's daddy. I really want her to go this weekend so that I can see it. Pacas have their crias during the afternoon. It doesn't look like it will be today, I was just out there and nuthin, she just looked at me like what?
I took some more pics of the two cria that we do have. I tried for some video, but they weren't doing anything but nursing.
Look at how much bigger Tip is than Clare. He is only 6 weeks older. Doesn't Clare have the cutest face? She always looks like she is smiling.


  1. Jeeepers, I missed these!

    (smacks head)
    Clare is definitely smiling:)
    She's at HHF!

  2. GL, I just put these up. It was a nice day so I wanted to get some new pics up.

    Is that not the cutest face?

  3. Clare is adorable ! I love the color