Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paca Pics!

This is Clare running up on poor Mama Annie!
Little Annie decided to wear her hay!

Double Poop!

Chloe and her killer bangs!


  1. Poop Duets!
    How graceful they are, even when plooping!

    Love Chloe doing a Billy Idol impression. Her face is too sweet though.

    Cria Cuteness is on full power, Captain.
    No kidding, Spock!
    I can't take much.. more...cutenessssssssss.
    Cria Cuteness Collapse Complete:)

  2. GL, Chloe is a very sweet paca. Usually her bangs are down more, but the wind was up today, and I think she used some hair gel to get that look. She is the one who was bred at 14 months, not good, even the vet said that. I am concerned for her. She won't be bred back after this cria for a year.