Friday, October 30, 2009

A Couple of New Pictures

Just a couple of quick pics of the crias of HHF. Hasn't Tip grown? I think he is going to be a beast like his daddy Impact. Mama Caitlin is no small gal herself. The fawn girl in these pics is Currency, she is a 200 pounder so that kinds shows how big he has gotten.
The one pic of out newest, HHF Clare, is the best I could do at the time. I took bunches, but they were all a blur as she is just pronking around their pen like a silly little cria. I will work on more pics this weekend.
I was wondering about how she came up with her coloring. Her Mama is a black and daddy is a multi-color brown. She is definitely a fawn color. Well I looked into her daddy Artemus' background, she takes after her paternal GF, he is a medium Fawn, and he is spectacular.
She is a keeper.


  1. She is a cutie! they all look wonderful . DOes your camera take video? that would be very cool!

  2. collapses into cria cuteness coma.

    Oh, CCC!

    They are both beautiful, I want Clare, oh her little fluffy ancient face.
    Master Tip is huge!
    Thanks for posting them!

    My cria cuteness meter needs an overload protector!

  3. Fern, yes the camera has video. I will see if I can get some, now whether or not I can get it to post here remains to be seen.

    GL, wait until we turn her out with the herd, she and Tipster will be pronking like crazy. Now that will make your meter explode.

  4. Oh bless it, I have never seen such cuteness. We gots to have video!!!

  5. I will get some video when we put Clare and Annie back in with the herd. It will be hilarious.

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  7. Clare??? Who the hell is Clare???LOL Just kidding kind of.
    They are too cute...

  8. Clare is beautiful, ccc! what a dear little face and I love her color, like caramel.
    Tip has really grown, -no longer his wobbly-legged baby build. He is a solid little man!

  9. Dena,

    Clare is for three reasons, we are doing an Irish theme, Clare is a County in Ireland, it is also my bestest Grandmother's middle name which was given to my daughter as well.

  10. Paddy, isn't she just the cutest? I will get more pics this weekend. We have put them out with the herd, so it will make for better pics.

    Yes, the Tipster is quite solid, he is 6 weeks old and has doubled in size at least.