Monday, March 2, 2009

These pics are for bhm.


  1. Ooohhhhhhh

    First in line for Bucky!
    What a darlin'!!!

    Oh, my.

  2. CCC rally the troops. I want everyones opinion on this issue I have on my blog.

  3. Much extreme cuteness from our Bucky boy. Now how do keep that horse white! I have the worst time trying to keep Trooper's four white stockings clean.

  4. Cool!I got back in time to see pics of the famous Hummingbird Hill! Keep em coming

  5. Hey CCC
    I am kind of over my bad day. We had another 5 tons of alfalfa hauled in today. And it is paid for so we can breathe.
    And amzingly enough I should even have enough money to buy several ton of grain cash on delivery.
    What is that they say? "Things always look their darkest before the Dawn"...
    Thank God it has proven true yet again.
    I am exhausted and tomorrow is another day like today.
    So I will catch you on Friday.
    You and your's are always in our prayers.
    No picture of the new addition yet?

  6. CCC!!!
    You have a blog! Love what you've done with the place. :)
    With lots of great pictures.
    You do have a lovely place, and I can imagine you there, now. Your draftie is so handsome. Lucky boy to have you and the 30 acres.
    Well done.

  7. Oh, it's so comfy over here too!! I love Buck. CCC your place is beautiful. So, you're the grill master? Geez, my husband won't let me touch the grill. He says I can't cook outdoors. :) I do burn stuff sometimes when I'm in charge of the grill, so he has a point.

    I'd like to see more pictures too!

  8. Thanks everyone.

    When I told Buck what everyone said, he blushed and then nibbled on my hair.

    Will get more pics on this weekend.


    I love grilling out, do it all year and in most types of weather, except heavy rain. I want to mount a grill up on the porch sometime, then the weather won't matter at all.

  9. Helloo? are you posting again sometime?

  10. Fern, I know, shame on me. I was waiting for something interesting to happen, or maybe get some more pics. Will try to come up with something this weekend, okay?