Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here is Big Buck. I never thought that I would ever actually have a draft. Shortly after we moved out here, I was looking for something for my hubby to bop around on. I was talking to a friend about it and she mentioned Buck (formerly Zeus). He was on loan to a local barn and was being used as a schoolie. One day a couple of weeks before, he had three seizures. Apparently, it was pretty hard to watch. The girl who owned him lives out of town and is in school, she couldn't afford an MRI which the barn manager said she had to get in order for him to stay on. I guess so that a brain tumor could be diagnosed and or ruled out. Most everyone, including the vet, said he should be put down, she of course didn't want to, but she had to move him or pay board which she couldn't afford either. We talked and I agreed to take him, so she gave him to me. I told her that if the seizures reappeared, I would euth him. That has been over a year and a half ago and there have been no further signs of seizures.

Buck is a very big baby and really lovable. I enjoy riding him although he is also very lazy. In his day, he did eventing believe it or not.

He actually has his own fan club at the barn he was at. People still ask about him.


  1. Big handsome dude! any idea what was causing the seizures?

  2. Fern:

    No, we never did. They had run some bloodwork which was all fine. Obviously, it isn't a brain tumor though. I think it was just some freak thing that triggered them.

  3. Awwwwwwww!!!


    Interesting story he has. I wonder what caused them? An errant ingestion of some toxin?

  4. GL:

    That is what I was thinking, maybe he ate something he shouldn't have. He is a really good eater.

  5. :)
    He looks a lot like my old boy sully. Cept sully had a lot of "silver" dappling over his butt...Beautiful. Beautiful and precious.

  6. Oh, I love him....he is adorable.