Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay, just a couple of more. The bottom pic is of my daughter at probably four in a leadline class on Spunky. She always won and was end of the year Champion. They were so cute together. I had this little english saddle, I think it was a 12", and I had to use a 52" girth because it was so small.

The middle pic is Spunky and I waiting to go into a class. You know how it is, hurry up and wait. He always looked so adorable braided. This must have been equitation finals. I didn't braid him very often.

The top picture is of me and Splash, a Connemara/TB cross that I was training for a very nice older guy. Splash was a real challenge, something wasn't right in his head. He could be very nice over fences but unfortunately a mediocre mover. I rode him for about three years so I thought he deserved a shout out.


  1. Well, I'm reading from the top down, but I am rebellious by nature.

    OOOH, and ahhhh's over Spunky. That Splash was a nice looking horse, with a nice rider on board..

  2. You just had to go and tease me with the Connemara.
    I really love just the look of him.
    I know. I can be very shallow when it comes to equine beauty.