Monday, March 2, 2009

Elvis and Gracie (aka Gator Dog) having some fun.


  1. Was this from this morning? Ahh..... the great Gator Dog, protector of all that is good!!!!

    Word verification is gater!!!!! No kidding!!!!

  2. CCC
    I am so glad you did this. It was kind of disconcerting chasing all over the internet looking for our friends wasn't it?

    Have you notice that your beautiful grey jumper bears a stricking resemblence to my grey?
    The Arab/Lipp.
    Finally a Cathy that knows how to ride and looks good doing it.
    I am impressed...
    I am so glad that I have come to know you and you me.
    I remember during all that Sam nonsense thinking "Oh crap. I just picked a fight with someone I think I might like".
    And when you called the creative us a "c***"?
    I almost peed myself.
    I remember thinking good for you...
    I am going to feel so at home
    You know us hunt/jump traditionalists.
    I will be back...
    And everyone and everything is beautiful at Hummungbird Hill.
    NO PIGS! We are over that. And they really stink up a joint. That whole Charlottes Web thing? Nice story. But pigs stink.

  3. NCC:

    Yea, that is this morning. They have been having a blast with the snow. Gracie has never seen snow and Elvis only has once.


    Thanks for coming over. Glad to see you. Did I call you a c***, I thought it was a t***. If I did I must really have been pissed as I usually hate that word.

    No pigs here except the equines who do somewhat resemble that remark.

    My grey is of unknown origin but the guess is TB/Welsh cross. She is a great ride but I have to be there for her at all times, unlike Spunky who always took care of me

    I loved Charlotte's Web.