Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet Whinnie, AKA, Madame X. We have no idea of her breeding other than to guess she is a TB/Welsh cross. The one pic of her where she looks like a chestnut is from the people I bought her from. She was about 2 in that pic. Amazing change. This mare is what I and others have called a fine ride. You don't do much when riding her. Voice command is about all it takes. She is also very balanced.


  1. CCC
    Did Whinny ever report me? For the identity theft?LOL
    I really like this mare...

  2. Dena:

    She was a bit miffed but since you didn't charge anything on her credit card, she decided not to press charges.

    She is definitely something else. She is the one and only mare that I have had. So much different than a gelding.