Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Details, Details, Details!

Saturday the 26th was National Alpaca Farm Day sponsored by AOBA (Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association). There were exhibits all across the country. Some were done at people's farms and some like us got together as a group. We were lucky because we were able to put it on at The Virginia State Fair at their new fairground at what used to be The Meadow. That is the farm where Riva Ridge and Secretariat were born and raised by the Chenery family.

Kevin and I trailered up early Saturday morning with Portfolio and Honey. As you can see by the pictures, we were in a large tent out by where all of the animal exhibits and contests were being held. This was not an Alpaca show, just an exhibition to promote Alpacas. This was the first year it was held at the Fair. We set up a table with brochures, pictures and some of Artemus' many ribbons he has won in the past.

Alot of people came through during the day and our Pacas were quite popular. Probably because Portfolio was the biggest Paca there and Honey was making lots of cute squeeking sounds. He became known as the talking Paca.

We handed out business cards and flyers, answered lots of questions and networked with the other Paca ranchers.

We will be going to a show on October 15-16 in Lexington at the Virginia Horse Center. We are taking Portfolio and Annie's Choice our young female.


  1. Awwwww!!!
    Pacas squeek TOO?

    Oh, gosh, the cuteness meter just exploded.

    Yay for HHF Alpacas!

  2. It was certainly Paca perfection there. Lots of real pretty ones, even a couple of grays. You know I am a sucker for grays. I must breed one, because ya know I am a Krazy Kolor Breeder!

    The two llamas were really cool too. The light colored one in the pic was an appaloosa. He and Honey became buddies over the corner of their enclosures.

  3. Way to go , get in there and promote them . I think they are soo sweet!

  4. Okay, a llama and paca friendship. Whis is this doomed? Hee, Hee. I saw llamas at our state fair a few years ago but have not been face to face with alpacas. The closest ones are in Terre Haute, over three hours away. With the insane gas prices it does not quite justify a whimmish road trip. Sigh. Would love to have one, though.

  5. Hey Girl...GOOD FOR YOU!!! We went on a road trip and we have a Paca farm in our state.
    Who knew???

  6. The cuteness meter did explode.

    Your pacas have won a lot of ribbons. Will you continue to show?

    To bad the baby was too young to show off. You could have made money on a kissing both.

    Put a big pink ribbon on the baby for me.

  7. Oh, boy the updates should be up soon!
    (dances with anticipation)