Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cria Cuteness-HHF Tipperary @ 1 week

Just a few more pics of the Tipster. Being nosy about what mom is eating, look its mom's butt, hey, I have an itch, oh, look a wall, let me lick it.

Bottom pic is Whinnie and Wizard who are totally fascinated with him.


  1. Leggy little guy, isn't he? I heart crias

  2. NCC;

    He seems to be all legs doesn't he. Make sure to go to the prior post, there are more pics there. Kevin said when he turned them out, the first thing Caitlin did was to drop down and have a good roll, well, Tip decided that he had to do so too, Kevin said it was really comical because he is still so awkward. AWWWW!


    Oh, He's adorable.
    Trés AdorAble.

    soooooooooooo well, cute. He looks like a little gossamer-legged cloud.
    22 pounds???
    To Tipperary!

    I'm late, I know, I KnoW!!
    stooopid computer..

  4. GL:

    You aren't late, just put it up a few minutes ago. Nice description, he does look like a cloud with lots of leg.

    Funny thing is, he rolled in the rather wet dirt, but he is still clean looking. When a white horse rolls (Buck), they just look plain dirty, why is that? Enquiring minds want to know!

  5. I wonder if his fibre sheds filth?
    I know my dogs have a wonderful coat for not holding onto dirt. It just seems to slide off.
    If only horses could have coats like that...

    Tip's beautiful. Pacas are so ancient/knowing looking. Even Tip's face is so wise!

  6. Gossamer cloud. Yeah. That.

    I love getting to know a creature that I did not know.

    How much time do you think you spend just looking at them and studying them? How about Kevin? They'd just be fascinating to me.

    Good luck at the Fair!!!!

  7. I wish I could see him in person; that coat looks absolutely wonderful to hand. I also wish I could knit more than a damn scarf so I could play with the yarn that would come from that coat. I bought some yarn in Minnesota that is 45% baby alpaca/65% merino wool. It is just so soft and squashy and I am going make ME a scarf(yes, another damn scarf!) with it. I want a sweater made from it but ribbing kills me every time, to say nothing of counting stitches and.....I make scarves. Sigh.

  8. phaedra, you should feel the fiber that we have from our best herdsire Artemus, if feels like a cloud that has come to earth.

    I want an alpaca blanket.

  9. what a cutie!looks wonderful and healthy!