Monday, October 19, 2009

Virginia Alpaca Expo

Kevin and I just got back from the Virginia Alpaca Expo on Sunday. We took Annie's Choice and Mr. Portfolio. Lots of planning went into this because Portfolio is a stud and she is a sweet young thing. Kevin, as usual, worked things out beautifully with various gates and bungy cords.

The weather was pretty crummy, cold, cloudy and damp but the rain mostly held off.

I learned alot and talked with lots of people who know alot about alpacas. I discovered that alpaca show classes are based on sex, age and color. Baby Annie was considered a juvenile because she isn't a year old yet. She had to show in the true black color class because there were no other juvenile bay blacks in her sex. It was a large class and she didn't pin. I was very proud of her, she acted very well. Portfolio is a beige and showed in the mature class because he is five. He did get a third. We also realized that he was pretty much the biggest paca at the show and there were 450 entries. He caused quite the stir.

I wish I could post pictures but that is the one thing that Kevin didn't do well, however, I won't go there.

I did discover that several of our pacas really came from some top quality bloodlines, so the future for Hummingbird Hill Alpacas is very bright!!


  1. I'll be the Alpaca Groupie at your next show.
    I'll trail behind you admiringly, and snap hundreds of pics.

    Portfolio needs paparazzi!

  2. Get that camera man sorted out ! Sounds like a good show , We will be hearing good things about Hummingbird Hill in Paca circles soon!

  3. Can you please do a few posts for us on the showing aspect? I would love to see one describing the grooming and prep that goes into it. You cna skip the part about sanding hooves, you know how we feel about ThaT.
    Another one to explain the actual show ring procedure. Is it like halter in horses? Is movement judged? Spit distance? Coat condition?

  4. Spit distance.

    NCC, you are hot toDAY.