Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Haz Cria

Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pile would have said. I got home, then went out to feed a bit before 7:00 PM. I look out and what do I see, a fuzzy white cria. He was running around and being really cute. He was born sometime this afternoon. We weren't exactly prepared quite yet so did a quick shuffle to move Caitlin and little Dude into a private area. Pictures aren't great will get more tommorrow.
I am a Grandma!


  1. Oh, what an adorable cria creature!!

    Congratulations, CCC!!!

    Clever Caitlin!

    Love the little face!

  2. He is adorable, and has let me cuddle with him, but that is only when momma was eating, she isn't pleased with that.

    Caitlin isn't known for liking anyone messing with her babies, which is a good thing.

  3. Looks like Phaedra96 won the contest. Wow, I am not prepared but will get my head together shortly.

  4. WoW ! I missed by a mile ! Congrats CCC he is a cutie pie , and congrats to Phaedra96!

  5. Aw sweet cria!!! I am a cyber cria aunt!!!!!!

  6. Well, you know that saying of the best laid plans of mice and men........are messed up by an alpaca! Congrats on baby. I bet he is absolutely soft and fuzzy and soooooooo cute.

  7. That was FAST!
    How wonderful for it to go so smoothly. I guess Paca's are good birthers.
    Good luck with the other ones.

    The Cria are here! The Cria are here!

  8. Crias are so soft... and cuuuute. Aw.

    Once you have many cria I may need to come for a visit. :)

  9. He is very soft and fluffy with long legs and was so cute when he spronked around a bit. I will get more pics and post tonight.

    AB, a visit would be most welcome.

  10. I like very much. I am an Auntie. Yes, that will work.
    He is adorable.

    I miss so much. Where the hell have I been?
    You call me Missy.

  11. How adorable. Congrats on being a grandma. I was just admiring Spunky's baby pics. What a handsome baby.

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Boy am I relieved that all went well, Mother Nature is sure impressive isn't she?

    I am totally in love with Little Dude.