Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Baby Pictures

After looking at Fern's beautiful baby pics last night, I remembered I did have a couple of baby pics of the Spunkman. He was 5.5 months old at the time. What a cutey he was and of course, still is.
There is also a pic of my daughter Audrey and my Chuckybird, she would have been about 8 or 9 months and Chucky would have been about 28. Don't you love the brown corduroy couch, ugly as hell but about 9 feet long and so comfortable.
The last two are of my boy Spot, guess which one is him? LOL! He was about 2 at the time this was taken. Very handsome boy! The hounddoggy pic is Wilbur, doesn't he have the cutest little bitty face ever? We rescued him off of the median strip of our local interstate.


  1. Awwwwwwwww!!!
    Great pics!

    Thanks, CCC!

    Spot sure is a looker!
    Spunky is berry adorable. Well, everyone is!

  2. Thanks GL, made me berry teary looking at these pics. I miss Wilbur very much.

  3. Funny how such a big part of our lives starts so small! very sweet he was.Chuckybird is a handsome dude with his little niece ,love the pups!

  4. I love these pictures. Thank you for another glimpse into your memory box.

  5. Lovely pics
    Chuckybird is a handsome lad :D
    Wilbur...what a sweet face

    Thank you for posting these!

  6. Spunkman! What a handsome boy. Even then, he had stature. Nice to see Chuckybird as a young man, too.
    Thanks for sharing!