Monday, September 14, 2009

Cria Watch Starts Now!

Here are the proud parents to be. Top pic is momma Caitlin and the bottom one is daddy Impact. She is due on 9/23/09. The good thing is that Caitlin is a very experienced momma because I am getting nervous. We are setting her birthing area up and I am making sure I have all the necessary supplies. One good thing about my job, I can call out if necessary.
Okay, I am starting a pool on the birth like Fernvalley did. I need date of birth, time of day (early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, etc) and sex of cria. In case of a tie, give me a weight as well, keeping in mind that a cria weighs between 15-25 lbs. We do have scales and it will be weighed.


  1. Oh, BOY! Cria Countdown!

    Hmmmm, September 26th, Noon, Boy, Um, 18 pounds.
    Can hardly WAIT!!

    C'mon Caitlin!

  2. Sept 27,early morning ,female 17lbs. I am sooo exited for you ! hope it goes super easy!

  3. 9/25/09 early morning, boy, 22lbs named Homer. He will grow up to like walks on the beach, cats and romantic movies.
    Oh, too much?

  4. Okay. Female. 3:00 a.m. 9/23/09 Weight 21 pounds. Ummm, color--white? Yay for babies!! What fun!