Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cria Cuteness-HHF Tipperary @ 1 week old

Isn't he something else? As of yesterday he weighs 22 lbs, he has gained 10 lbs in 6 days. Today was his first day back with the herd since his surpise early entry into the world. Everything is going very well, the other girls are careful around him, especially since momma Caitlin gives them the stink eye if they even look at him the wrong way. She is really something, last night she hocked (yes GL, hocked, we don't hork here in the South) a big loogie on my Dalmation Spot because he was standing on the other side of their pen, she then proceeded to angrily stomp her feet and snake her head at him. It sure got his attention and he isn't easily intimidated.
We have decided to name him HHF Tipperary to honor our new friend T.J. who was such a huge help when we bought the herd. It would have been so much more difficult without his help. He is from Tipperary, Ireland and has a great brogue. It also helps that both Kevin and I have lots of Irish heritage.


    (faints with cuteness overload)
    Sorry I'm late, dang computer likes to hibernate..

    Horking occurs in the north I believe.
    Our septums are less deviated.
    (runs away giggling like a lunatic)

  2. GL:

    I just recovered from my cria cuteness coma myself.

    Actually, I think it is the other way around, hocking is much more delicate than horking, it is a Southern Belle sorta thing ya know!!!

  3. AAAAHHH!!!

    Its almost disgusting how adorable that little thing is.
    I just want to HUG it and put him in my pocket.

  4. There ought to be a warning label on your blog. "Caution, viewers may be overwhelmed by Cria Cuteness. Viewer discretion advised. Signs of Cria Cuteness Overload include googly eyes, drooling, slowly sinking in your chair, and speaking gobbledy gook for half an hour. All symptoms should go away within 20 minutes of viewing, but repeated viewing may overload one's cuteness circuits, and lead to permanent damage."