Sunday, December 13, 2009


Okay, this is the finished product and a few pics along the way. Kevin had to take some off of the trunk to get it into the tree stand and snipped a bit off of the top.

Notice Gracie is helping.


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous tree!

    Ha, I am sooo first:)

    Thanks, CCC. My Christmas fire is starting to kindle:)

  2. GL, while you were being first over here, I was first on JR's latest topic. HAAA, my plan worked!

    Thanks, I love a great tree. The lights are new, they are the new LED ones so will take some getting used to. Not quite the same as the old ones. I am a bit worried that an airplane might try to land in my living room though. LOL!

  3. Perfect! I love it . Mine might be up by next weekend...I hope

  4. sneaky smarmy wench...
    I be first again, somewhere, SOON.

    I'll take a picture of my dried up stick tree for ya.
    That'll inspire me to decorate it:)

  5. It's perfect!!!! I love it!!!! Now you need victorian tinsel!!

  6. Thanks ladies, I wish we could have put it up in all of it's splendor, no trimming involved, but it would have been moved out more to the center of the room and would of been a bit in the way of several things, LOL.

    I do not love the angle topper that Kevin had, but it is his year.

    NCC, what is Victorian tinsel? I need pics girl!

    I used to use the gold garland stuff to finish the tree, but now I use gold bows and gold mesh ribbon instead. I like it alot, but am interested in other options.

  7. I meant angel topper, but then again, the tree itself has a bit of a bend to it, kinda like me, just a bit bent. LOL!

  8. I am having another battle with Google. Seems every week or so I need to reset my password. Bleech! I am trying some of the blogs I regularly read to see what gives. So far, I can post here, but not Dena or CNJ. Go figure.

  9. My verif was madneigh. Yep. That is what I am doing about now; madly neighing.

  10. LuckEE, Phaedra!

    I think Google is boggled.
    Or it's trying to invent it's own language...
    Or frickin' Windows is destroying the netz..

  11. Victorian tinsel:

    just lovely on a tree

  12. Love the Victorian Tinsel! I might have to track some down

  13. Phaedra, snorking on the word verf.

    Will check out the Victorian tinsel.

  14. I should have said I love the tree. Love glitter, gold, sparkle, lights, camera, ac....oops, carried away there! Love decorated trees. Do not love decorated saddles, clothes, (have you seen the loverly items on TTOD--Yep, OD), people,.......Have Merry one and a Happy one.

  15. Beautiful tree, CCC!
    Thanks for putting up pics. I'm so looking forward to doing a tree this year.
    Made it to California last night. It's beautiful and green here!!!

  16. Thanks Paddy and BH! I have missed both of you and am glad both of you are at your destinations, safe and sound.