Friday, December 11, 2009


I went shopping for my Christmas Tree this afternoon. I went to this garden center on the other side of town that has great trees at good prices. I am a stickler about my tree. It must be a real tree and it has to be as tall as I can fit in my home. So much about Christmas has changed since I was a kid, I really miss those days. The one thing I can and do hold onto from my childhood is my tree.

My tree is full of a hodge podge of ornaments that I have collected over many years. There is no theme other than sentimentality.

Anyway, I usually buy a 9' tree and I always buy it the weekend right after Thanksgiving, but this year was different. The garden center had no 9' trees left, the only ones they had were 7'-8' or 10'-11' and above. I refuse to go down in size especially since I have vaulted ceilings, soooooo, I went up.

These two pics are of the tree in the back of the truck in the garage. It looks big even in the back of my rather large truck.

I just found out that Kevin signed up to work tomorrow even though he knew my office party was at the same time. He thought he would get day shift, well no, he is on afternoon shift, so I guess I get to go stag. I am not happy, but at least when he bitches about my tree, I can just say "shut it."


  1. Atta girl! It will be gorgeous ! If I could hop a plane I would be there to help shake up the company party , Take me with you in spirit!

  2. Now, THAT's a Christmas Tree!

    It's beautifull...

  3. Fern, consider it done.

    GL, wait til you see her standing. She is very impressive, perfect all the way around.

  4. That's going to be very nice once it's decorated.

  5. Now, did he do the schedule thing on purpose? Maybe? Post a photo of the finished product. I do not do the tree thing anymore. Not enough room and no one is here anyway. Me, I would prefer to go from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day and skip everything in between. Bah, humbug!! Just call me Scrooge!

  6. Phaedra, I don't think so. He likes going to parties. I think he was sure he would get day shift. He is usually right about that but not this time.

    Truthfully, I could do without the gift giving anymore, but I do love the decorations. I am not much of a girly person, but I do love sparkly things and Christmas is very sparkly.

    I will definitely get some pics.

  7. That's a pretty tree! I love the trees, do post pics!

  8. Whoa, that's a tree!
    Please do post pics of it decorated!
    Living in snow country, I understand more and more why these traditions of light and festivities occur this time of year.... :)