Sunday, December 20, 2009


The first thing I will say is that I have never met Fugs, so my dislike is not caused by anything she did to me personally. I do not have any interesting Fugs did me wrong stories like YHI does. I do know someone who has met her. She is not impressed. When my friend met her, Fugs was complaining about a poster who critiqued her riding on the VLC blog. She was not happy and used foul language, including the c*nt word. All of this was done right in front of my friend's eleven year old daughter. That Fugs, what a class act!

I was a regular follower of FHOTD until mid-February of 2009. I did enjoy the blog for quite awhile after I started reading in late 2007. There was lots of good info and lots of really witty people on there, unfortunately, there was also alot of things put on there that were just plain cruel. Over time, well I just started getting a bad vibe from Fugs herself and I only stayed on because I had made some internet friends there, and while some of the posters were obviously "out there," many were truly good people. I was always amazed about how funny and clever so many posters were.

Based on reading Fugs, my opinion of her is that she is condescending, judgmental, opinionated to the point of inflexibility, a know-it-all who can't admit when she is wrong and she has a mean streak a mile wide. This bullshit that I continuosly hear from her, "don't dish it if you can't take it," well maybe she needs to heed her own words, cause she has proven many times that she can't. Do as I say, not as I do just doesn't friggin fly.

To those who are interested in what she said to me about my pacas that had me upset, here is what it was about. I freely admit that I started the whole thing, she was posting on the thread that was about Tiger Woods' problems. Frankly, I found it truly amusing and ironic because of her past and her stated morals or lack there of. I said just that in my PM. Please note that I did this all via PM. Of couse I got back the usual blah, blah, blah from her. It turned to how I only post nasty stuff like the advice I gave to Sarcasta about practicing without stirrups. We then went back and forth a bit about that with her saying I should post pics of myself riding. I told her I didn't know how to post pics on HD but gave her my blog address and told her to look in the older posts for some pics. In the meantime, she received a PM from a friend of mine that was less than nice, that apparently really pissed her off. She came back, said I was stupid because I didn't know how to post the pics on HD and said that after looking through three pages of dying Alpacas, she was put off. I am going to assume that she didn't follow my instructions so never did find the pics of me riding.

Now, theoretically, the words themselves weren't ugly, but the intent behind them was. She didn't mention the fact that she had to scroll through several pages of my Christmas tree first, she went straight for what is obviously a very painful thing that recently happened to me. Like I said, I did start shit with her via PM and even though I did not have anything to do with that other PM that was sent, it really isn't that surprising that she retaliated, however, never, no matter how much I hated someone or was angry at someone, would I ever go after their kids, family or animals to get back at them. As I previously mentioned, she has a mean streak a mile wide. I was truly surpised given her claim to being such an animal lover that she would stoop so low.

Anyway, she also said she was done with the silly conversation. I did respond but I am sure she didn't read it, that is why I made that post on the RIP thread.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!


  1. A pile of Alpaca Gold on her head.
    It might brighten her up...

    Nah, don't waste good poop on her.

    Off to clean up the slime left behind, on your beautiful smarmy blog.

    Can you smell that?
    Grapes of PuhLeeeze.

  2. CCC- you are a true gentle woman with a heart as pure as gold. Didja ever think maybe jealousy played HUGE roll in that response?
    Some people can only try to make themselves look better by knocking someone else down.

  3. I can't believe she made snide remakes about Shannon. Sick!

  4. NCC, don't give me too much credit, sometimes I feel like poking someone with a stick, Fugly happens to be my favorite target. I truly wish she wouldn't give me so many reasons.

    BHM, yea, she did. I did give her my blog address, but I never thought she would stoop that low. There are just some things you don't do, apparently she failed Ethics/Morality class in school.

    Oh well, over it and over her.

    The funniest thing, last time I even went to FHOTD some 2 months ago, my computer became infected with spyware, how ironic is that?

  5. Oh, crap. I wrote several comments and deleted them. There are just no words. Stick with us nice people. BTW, how are the horsies doing?(Re-read the blog)

  6. CCC- Might it also be interesting for you and a few others to know, she fully supports another poster who seems to follow in her same footsteps of deception, condescention and an array of other unfavorable traits. Including adultry and the failure to behave like an adult. Did you know they now all seem to live in the same area? I would mention the other persons screen name, but she is otherwise known as 'she who shall not me named'. I think you can guess. Talk about birds of a feather- but I choose not to insult the birds!

    Speaking ill of your recent loss? There is just no guaging the depths of the new lows some choose to go to.

  7. She who shall not Be named.

    I can spell. Really I can. Maybe I am just saying I will not say the name. No need to conjure or otherwise bring her here.

  8. Wow.
    To make snide comments during a time of loss and sorrow.
    Fugly is arrogant and heartless. What more can I say?

  9. zero class. That is beyond unkind. Anyone who has AND loves animals feel and understands the loss. you don't need to have Alpacas, to get it.I too used to enjoy Fugly , and even some of the sparing matches that it sparked . But it became too dark and vicious,Her shot at glory seemed more important than her cause, whatever that is currently.

  10. Darn, I forgot to mention that I think she is a bully too!

    Wonder why she moved back to Cally? Maybe she pissed off everyone in the PNW. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

  11. She moved to California? Really?

    I sometimes still go over and read just the blogs but I've totally lost interest in the mean spiritedness of it all. All I can say that is good is that I have in turn found blogs by people who posted there, who I really enjoy reading.

    I thought she went after people in a truly mean way, without first giving that person a chance to explain themselves better. She wants to be the horsey Perez Hilton, who I know she adores, and when I went to that place to read what he had to say, thought 'what a truly dispicable and unlikeable person to post the things he did". She sees snarky as interesting and believes she can say what she wants so long as it is expressed as opinion and snark.

    I was raised in a nicer environment. I really like people. I may not like what they do but mostly I like everyone. Some people are just dumb as rocks but were not given my life circumstances, which was poor in a number of areas, but still better than what some of them can claim to.

    CCC, I like you and what you usually post. FernValley, Dena, CNJ, catnip and golightly. You seem to be much better people than Fugly. And really, the name fits, does it not?

    Ah, well. Just thought I'd hop in and say hi.

  12. Kallista, sorry it took so long to respond. Holiday craziness abounded.

    Thank you for your comment. I was raised much like you and even for those who weren't, a person doesn't have to be a mean spirited bully. Being that way is a choice, not a mandated way to treat others.