Saturday, December 5, 2009


I had noticed that Shannon wasn't really thriving like the other three cria had. Drizella seemed nervous and upset about being separated from the herd. Shannon was nursing but didn't seem to have any energy. We decided that maybe she wasn't getting enough, I spoke with the vet and he advised milk replacer. That was Wednesday. Kevin stopped and picked it up, when he got home, he found Shannon collapsed. He brought her in the house and began giving her some formula. He called me and I came home immediately. We fed her at 20 minute intervals for several hours and then started spacing it out as time went on and she was improving. By midnight, she was standing up and walking around. The next morning, we put her back in the pen with Driz and planned to supplement her nursing for as long as we needed to. That day (Thursday) Kevin fed her at 11:00 and 2:00. I came home at 4:30 and immediately went out, she was nursing so I left her alone for a bit. I came back out and fed her, then did some other things, came back out again and gave her some more. I checked on her about 15 minutes later, she was down again. I brought her in the house, covered her with my heating pad and tried to revive her. She did respond a bit, she was holding her head up at least, but she went down again at about 3:15.

The above pictures are from Wednesday night.

The ones on the following post are from Thursday night.


  1. Do you think Mama knew Shannon would not survive? Will you have an necropsy done on her also? It is so hard to lose a little one that really did not even have a chance to live. Poor baby, poor you, poor mama.

  2. No, we won't have the necropsy done on her. Scientifically it would be interesting to find out what might have happened, but since she wasn't insured it isn't necessary, and I wanted to bury her here.

    Since she died while she was in the house, Kevin took her out late yesterday afternoon so that Driz could see what happened to her baby. She was acting pretty upset wondering where she was. The others came over to see her, and Driz stood over her for awhile. She then moved off and rejoined the herd. It was a good thing as I know she realized that Shannon was gone. Today, she wasn't looking for her when I went out to feed this morning. Kevin buried her up on the hill. I am going to plant wild flowers there next spring.

  3. I am so, so sorry. It is so hard to see little ones go.

  4. Phaedra,

    Thanks, it is hard to let any of them go, but the babies are so much harder.

  5. CCC:(

    No words will do justice.

    All my best to you and Kevin.

  6. I will be digging through about 1500 emails looking for the number tomorrow.
    Again, I am so sorry...

  7. Good bye sweet baby girl.

    Very sorry for your loss.