Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is my brother Chuckybird pre surgery, me, Elvis, Buck and Spunky. I think we were trying to get Grace to behave or something.


  1. Best wishes,and a happy b-day , whenever he is ready to celebrate it, to the handsome bro , holy crap that is one big horse!!!!

  2. Fern, thanks. The chuckybird is a special guy and it is killing me to see him cut so low. He was always my big bro who came to my rescue for all of my life.

    Yea, the Buckster is a big un. Hope BH comes on to see, I promised her a better pic of his size.

    Will get better ones of him shortly, just not feeling it too much right now.

  3. Happy 50th, Chucky!

    It looks like you're working on your primate behaviourss.

    Good lookin' pair, well quad, well... Elvis is the only one with his head up:)
    Always the rebel, the hound dog.

    Lookit the SIZE of that Buck!!

    Great funny pic. Thanks CCC!

  4. And hugs, and well, bigger hugs.
    hangin'in is hard.

    To Chucky's 51st!
    Do you think he'll mind if 20 cougar womens show up, and do lap-dances for him?
    I think I hear a volunteer bus, starting up.

    okay, I shaddup. that was BaD.

  5. lol
    word verf was flessesp

    I have fless
    But you knew that:)

  6. OMG that's Buck? Seeing him in context, with humans and dogs makes clear his size. Wow. And I thought Ber was a massive fellow. He's a pygmy next to Buck. lol.

    Good thoughts sent Chuckybird's way.

  7. I can see that you are brother and sister, in your faces. That picture begs to be in a caption contest.

    I think Elvis is trying to warn you...he's saying "How many times have I told you...horses are not good at playing leapfrog!!" :)

    All my best to Chuckybird.

  8. SWA, you crack me up. Leap frog. lol. And playing leapfrog with Buck!!!! Wow.

    omg, my word verification is Wooff!

  9. Chuckybird's a cutie pie! Darling hubby would have competition! (We won't tell him that...!) Good luck. Chemo sucks. The only good thing is that you're so wiped out you won't remember a lot of it, so tell him not to put anything away for safekeeping or he'll find stuff in the oddest spots!

  10. Thanks, guys, I appreciate the smiles.


    I will tell him about the lap dances, he would enjoy that.

  11. Kestrel, I will tell him about the stuff and I really hope once this is done, he doesn't remember being so freakin miserable.

  12. Oh by the way CCC. I want Buck. How adorable are he and Spunky?? If I were ever to look at getting a draft horse in the future, what are the most important pieces of advice you would give me?

  13. CCC, happy birthday to your dear brother, Chuckyboy.
    And to his health!

    Hugs to his loving sister :)

  14. Happy birthday to Chucky. Glad that you included Buck in the photos. What a cute horse.

  15. SWA:

    You know Buck is the only Draft I have ever had or ridden. He was a rescue of sorts as well. We just lucked out with him.

    BHM would be our resident Draft expert, she probably would have some great tips.

    He and Spunky are really good together, they do the mutual grooming thing and it is so cute. Spunky has to stand on tippy-hooves to reach Buck's withers. I wish I could get a pic but they never do it when I have the camera handy.

  16. CCC when Rosie the pups new people came to get her.
    She hid under the horse trailer just out of reach.
    Her new people were on their knees trying to sweet talk her out.
    I remember looking at them and saying, "yes...well, it is best to start as you plan to proceed".
    I love this picture of you with some of the members of your family...
    Have you told Chucky that you are naming a Paca after him?:)
    Prayers always...

  17. 10 to go, Chuckybird. Hang in there. You can do it. Buck wants to have a go at the leap-horse trials, again, so he's counting on you.
    Best thoughts...

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  19. CCC

    I looked and Whinnie, and she can come live with us if you need her to. She is a cute little ponie and looks like she wants to be a big jumper. She is definitely CNJs type of ponie.

    She almost has the Irish Draught look to her and I have a special place in my heart for the Irish Draughts> I would love to see more pics of her!

  20. Just had to come back to look at the mountain horse, Buck.
    Gawd, he's a big boy.

    Ooooh, CCC, Practical Horseman had an article with Acorn Hill's Cruise Control as the demo horse.

    SWA, I know one draftie tip. Buy a bigger girth;)

    Best wishes to ChuckyBird, and a lap-dance from a skeery old cougar broad, are available anyTime
    in Toronto:)
    Hang in there.

  21. Typo.
    Tap Dance.
    I'm better at those..

  22. GL, give him some recuperation time and I think he would like a lap dance better.

  23. Hey, is there such a thing?
    A Tapping Lap dance?
    hah, Gene Kelly Movies;)

    Fred Astaire is rolllling over..

    PacaTapaLapa Power for Chucky!
    Oh, I need a NaP!

  24. GL:

    My brother would love you.

    Damn, I don't get Practical Horseman anymore. I wiil find it online.

  25. You guys are lap dancing and did not invite me to try?
    Tell Chucky I am in, too!!!
    Lap Pole Olympics!!!!

    Go USA!!!!

  26. I'll let him know, will give him something to look forward to and help to speed up his recovery.

    His last radiation tx is Monday!! YEA!!!

  27. CCC, please send him my best wishes! I'm hoping he has a speedy recovery.