Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six of our fifteen arrived this morning. Five of them are girls and one is a male. All five girls are in the family way, so the poor boy has nothing to do.
They are:
The black one is Annie
One of the white ones is Caitlin
The other white one is Chantilly (Caitlin's baby)
The fawn one is Currency (also Caitlin's baby)
One of the dark brown ones is Drizella
The other dark brown one (the smallest of the two) is Smith Barney the male
I think Annie is the alpha paca.
First cria due in September, mom is Caitlin.
They are settling in quite well but are still a bit nervous especially since Whinnie and Wizard are next to them. Of course those two idiot horses of mine are freakin a bit, but I already figured that into the situation, I know my equines.
Will get more pics and keep everyone informed.


  1. Your horse are probably wondering what the heck are those long necked sheep?
    They look great ! congrats.I like the one with blk and white in closeup!

  2. Fern,

    That is Annie and I like her too. She has actually come up and let me touch her on the nose.

    From what I understand, Alpaca are very friendly, but the history of this herd leaves something to be desired. No abuse or anything like that, but just not properly acclimated. Kevin and I will take care of that.

  3. The alpacas are here!
    They certainly look like creatures out of Dr. Seuss. Congrats, and I look forward to more pics.

    Yeah, these alpacas don't know it yet, but they just won the alpaca lottery. :)

  4. I wonder how many Alpaca I can get into my bed?

    They are really very cute, did you see the mug on Annie, just want to kiss that cute itty bitty nose.

    This herd will take a bit of time, but the cria coming this fall, take me about 15 minutes.

    I wonder what kind of treats they like? I will try carrots and apples. I know they they aren't given treats, so that will change, pronto.

  5. Here's a list of Alpaca treats, and some recipes. Gotta love the pic of the alpaca eating a carrot. Yeesh these creatures are wild. As Dana Carvey said, impersonating Johnny Carson, "That's weird, wild stuff." lol.

    Alpaca Treats

  6. BH:

    Thanks for that link, I know that they have never been given treats so we will see how that works out. Looks like they have a lot of stuff they like, much like Big Buck.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Annie looks like my sisterrrr......

    Hugs and, what do you give an alpaca instead of scritches?

  8. Oh, I'm so excited for you, they are so darn cute!

  9. The llama would steal Trooper's carrots and apples. So I'm assume the alpaca will have similar tastes.

    Love, love, love the alpaca. Especially the one in the close up. Adorable muzzle, but she looks like she's about to spit.

  10. bhm, no she didn't spit at all. She was very friendly and kind. These guys haven't been loved on appropriately so they are a bit wary. I plan to take care of that ASAP. They wouldn't even take a carrot that I offered. I plan to cut up pieces of apples and carrots and put them in their feed so they know what they are. Then I will offer it to them by hand. I would love some suggestions.

    They do love to be hosed with water which I find so funny. The fawn one (Currency) is an absolute water hog.

    GL, I think you said you wanted a fawn cria, we will see if Currency produces one, if she does, the cria will be called Golightly.

  11. CCC
    Thank God you did not follow through on your plan to name them after some of us.
    I was really worried about

    They are interesting and look well cared for as in very healthy.
    I am certain they will be sharing in running the place soon.

    I still do not inderstand the investment thing but I know you will explain it to me.

    6 of 15? WOW!!!

    Congratulations on you and Kevin's new family members!
    Yep, it was the how many can I fit in my bed remark.