Monday, May 25, 2009


Some more of our new family. The top pic is of the Main Dude, Artemus, who shall be referred to in the future as Artie. The pic below is of Jasper, he is Artie's son. He was the one who had gotten really ill but he is better and needs to put some weight back on. Below that is our one cria, Annie (yes, we have two Annies), she is actually Annie's choice, as Annie, the black one is her mama. The white one with her is Chloe, she is A.C.'s companion while she has been weaned. The pic second from the bottom is of Early Morning Impact, he is a male.

I never thought I would have a stud, and now I have four here now and four more on the way. We have to finish the last paddock for those guys. One of those four, Portfolio, is a breeding male, but the other three are quite young, so they can be put together for now.


  1. OMG, how weirdly adorable!

    What a studley hunk Artie is!

    They look like ancient souls, don't they?

    I like the one with the Mohawk hairdo.

    I wannna Cria:)

  2. they're adorable, ccc!
    here's to happy, healthy alpaca days!

  3. They are really the cutest things. They always look like they are smiling when they look directly at you. Of course, I imagine that they don't look that cute when they spit at you. Haven't had that yet, but it is early yet.


    The cria, Annie is 7 months old so not so little anymore, but our first will be here in September and one is due in November. Those are the due dates that I know, but the other three are preggers to, so will find out when we get the rest of the paper work.

    Thanks Paddy, you know you were the one who put that link to the AOBA site for me on Wench's blog. I looked at it and found another farm very near me and Kevin and I visited. After that is when we decided to go ahead, so you had a helpful hand in this. I shall name a cria Paddy as well.

  4. I just love the faces! can't wait for the cria contest !

  5. When I look at the faces, I always think of Dr. Doolittle for some reason. I can't wait to get them to be more lovable and kissable, and they will.

  6. I love their little faces, they are so an E.T sort of way, don't you think? They remind me of little alien beings..

  7. Buckd, yes they do have E.T.-ish faces. My daughter said the same thing. My two equines thing they are from the planet HELL, does that count?

    Actually, Whinnie and Wizzie are getting better about them, thank goodness.

  8. Ooooowww, that baby is so kissable. I doubt he'd appreciate. Handsome stud being handsome. Poor Jasper, I want to feed him treats and a fatten him up. I'm sure you'll have him fattened in no time.

  9. I am thinking of adding some corn oil to Jasper's feed, the extra calories would do him good with out adding extra feed. Might do wonders for his coat too. If it makes a difference in his coat, I might add it as a regular supplement for all.

    Unfortunately, these guys have not had real good handling for awhile, that is something I will be working on as they continue to settle in.

  10. hehe!!
    awesome! so adorable and tiny and perfect.