Friday, May 15, 2009


Graceland has spent the last two nights in the custody of Charles City Animal Control. This is not a good place to be, we here in the County call it Doggy Death Row.

When I got home on Wednesday, there was a V.M. from AC that she had been picked up. Of course, it was too late to get her then, had they bothered to call my cell (which was also on her collar), I would have left work immediately to get her. Well, due to their stupid rules that I truly believe they have made up themselves, I couldn't pick her up until this morning.

The top picture is of her this morning shortly after she got home, the bottom pic is from six months ago when she was a sweet innocent pup who could do no wrong. Now she has a record and has done hard time.

The scenario is:

Grace and Elvis wandered too far from home in their pursuit of who the hell knows what. Keep in mind, we have 30 freakin acres for them to play on and if you look at the arieal pics I posted on an earlier topic, we are set back from everything. Anyway, dumbass #1 (Grace) and dumbass #2 (Elvis) end up by the Courthouse where AC has an office, AC dude comes out and lo and behold there are 2 loose dogs. Well, dumbass #2 has already seen hard time on death row so he says "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya" and hauls ass home. He is a Walker Hound bred to run deer so he can fly, and he did according to AC dude. Dumbass #1 on the other hand, says oh look, he wants to rub my belly, NABBED!!

Hubby and I are now working on putting in invisible fence.

Just an FYI on why we call AC here in the County, Doggy Death Row:

Latest stats available are from 2007.

There were 383 dogs brought in to AC, 46 were claimed by their owners, 3 were adopted (one of them was mine), 11 died in custody, 3 were still there at the end of 2007 and 320 were euth'd.

We have good reason to believe that the head AC dude doesn't go by the rules. It is illegal for them to be euth'd by bullet, except in emergency situations, but that is the "word" on how it is done. There is also talk of dogs turned over for dog fighting practice. I have never heard one good thing said about the head AC guy, he is hated everywhere in this County. Kevin and I are trying to figure out a way to get this guy out. We have to be careful as we have many animals and are getting more. Suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. So glad you got your beautiful girl home and safe. The AC guy sounds like he is badly in need of some comeuppance, how I don't know other than to document you experiences with him and encourage everyone else to do so as well. How about a strategic call to media?

  2. Wow, Grace looks tired. It must be tough being a dumbass criminal. Now she has a permanent record. Yikes.

  3. Bad, bad Grace. She looks so cute all tired out.

    Media is a good idea. Also, if there's evidence of dog fighting you could push that.

  4. She looks soooooo innocent.
    Poor little hardened criminal.

    Glad she's home safe.


  5. There she is, hugging the land, safe at last. Looks like one of those cartoons of the desert survivor, crawling towards the water. 'cept she got too tired and just pupped out before she got there.
    Hope Elvis can talk some sense into her.

  6. BH:

    That's not likely, he is part of the problem. Apparently, it is much more fun to wander around when you have a buddy.

    Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs!