Friday, May 15, 2009

Just some more pictures.

The pretty pink flowers are in the back flower bed. There is one bush on each side of the walk. I believe they are peonies. I usually cut some and put them in a vase in the house. I love fresh flowers in the house.

Another view of the wisteria vine. This angle is from the front porch looking out. The unpainted piece of wood that runs across was a quick fix because the other piece was rotted pretty bad and broke. The vine is pretty heavy and the wood that was used was not salt-treated, big mistake. This winter we will replace the whole stucture hopefully with a metal one. The big bush in the background is a butterfly bush. It gets lots of pretty purple flowers on it. I wish it had been planted out back so we could see it from the back porch. Oh well, guess we will have to get another one.

The last picture was after a nasty storm. We live very close to the James River and get these fast moving storms that come down river and head out to the ocean. Usually have lots of spectacular lightening so it is really fun to sit on the back porch and watch it go by. If you look pretty close you will see the rainbow. The pastures are to the left of the house, you can see the back corner of the nearest pasture from the back porch. Buck will frequently stand there and watch us, I think he wants to make sure I don't forget to come feed him.


  1. First:)

    Lucky YOU, peonies already blooming.

    My early species is just starting to bud. The later bloomer hasn't even really woken up yet.

  2. GL:

    They are so lovely. But the blooms are so heavy that the stalks can't hold them up. Kevin placed wire cages around them to hold them up.

    They produce for quite awhile which is nice because I then have fresh flowers in the house.

  3. Oh, yes, I love the blooms. If we have a severe storm, they often end up in the dirt. I put a cage around the one that looks like yours. I also have a single-petaled variety "Bowl of Beauty" or something. Single flowers, they never fall down!

    scritches to Grace, the jail-bird.

  4. I think my peonies are pretty much done, thsi is the first year they have really done well for me. Mine are almost white with a blush of pink in the center.

  5. Gorgeous place. I looooveeee peonies.