Thursday, April 22, 2010

I was supposed to be productive today, but, alas, didn't happen. These are a few pics of my equine babies. Whinnie is the grey mare, Wizard is the dark bay, Buck is the Perch (takes up alot of real estate doesn't he) and Spunky is the pally. I am happy to say that Spunky is turning 28 in June and still looks pretty darn good. I poopoo on the myth that old horses are skinny because you just can't keep weight on them, Spunky is proof that it can be done.

Oops, meant to say, Skippy is our resident coyote/fox look alike, she is a great dog even though she really was supposed to be a temp. Oh well, she can live here as long as she needs to.

The pic of the field is what we are going to work on fencing in over time.


  1. Great pics ! the horses look wonderful and look at all the green grass! I love the pic of Skippy rolling in the grass!

    word verf -panter

  2. Wow, Whinnie is such a looker, isn't she?
    Beautiful, CCC!

  3. Skippy was having a great time. I sometimes feel bad for her, TJ, her guy seems to have abandoned her, not that she is suffering with us, but she does have to share with 3 other dogs. I do the best I can to let her know she is loved.

    Fern, thanks for the tip on adding more pics, worked like a charm.

    GL, Whinnie is quite the looker and boy she knows it, spoiled wench she is.

  4. Not a one of them suffering for time, attention or groceries! Love all of them(especially Buck-Perchie fix, ya know) but a special pat for Spunky. Twenty-eight???? Pictures can be deceiving, but he looks pretty damn goooood!

  5. Phaedra,

    My horses follow the Fern Valley Appaloosa diet plan, lol!

    Buck thinks he needs to gain a few more LBS, I keep telling him he looks great but he thinks he looks a tad ribby.

    Kevin has decided that he wants to get a cart for Buck and get into driving. I am sure that Mr. Buck will llllooooovvvvveeeee that!

    Yea, good ole Spunkman. He is gimpy on the front left and has some sway in his old back, but still looking pretty. I love the couple of tufts of winter hair that are still hanging in there!

  6. I love looking at your kids, they are all so happy.