Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Been a busy day getting ready for shearing tomorrow. I am so glad I took today off so Kevin and I could go over to Clearview Farm and watch. We rearranged some things and I went into "town" to pick some more things up.

Buck and Spunk are happy that I am letting them out in the far pasture at night. It is pretty rich, so I have to limit them.

Doesnt' Miss Skippy look like a coyote? That is why she wears a neon blaze orange collar.

That is Casper-Batman grooming himself. His idea of grooming is to roll around on the gravel, not real effective, but he enjoys it. BTW, he is a hunting machine.

We have set up the shearing area inside the hay barn, I think it will work out really well.

There will be lots of pics tomorrow.

I am off to bed, apparently, we should have more helpers, but we don't, so it will be interesting. I guess I will need my rest!


  1. Hope tomorrow goes well! godness look at all that lush grass! I better not show pics to Johnnie or the gang or they will pack their horsie bags and be gone to live with you!

  2. Fern,

    Show the pics to Classy, I certainly wouldn't mind finding her here. I could tell Kevin that she just showed up out of no where!

    Actually, that pasture is part of what was the hay field as is the seven or so acres on past that. We are slowly working on fencing it all in. It is very lush this time of year, that is why I keep them off of it part of the time. They don't like it, but tough nuggies!

  3. Sorry I'm late, what great pics!
    Skippy is very Wile E., for sure.

    Are there clouds of alpaca wool floating over HHF today?

  4. Wow! Sure wish I lived a thousand miles closer so I could be there to help. Love that big grey Percheron butt!! Looking forward to seeing nekkid pacas and piles of that loverly fleece that is just waiting to be made into loverly yarn. Yummy stuff that is.

  5. 4 hours left before I REALLY start whining:)

    After, after? Hope the fleece was fruitful!

    18 pacas in two hours. wow.
    Love the symmetry in the beautiful horse butt pics.

    pulphyp was word verf..

  6. Heellooooooooo...................

  7. Sorry no pics yet, my damn computer is sucking again. I got frustrated last night and just shut it down. I will keep trying.

  8. Whack the computer, I want to see nekkid pacas!