Sunday, March 7, 2010


Kevin's birthday was yesterday, so we did it up right. His daughter and some buddies of hers came for a visit and a cookout. We then had a bonfire using the Christmas tree as kindling. Worked great!

Really good weather this weekend, almost 60 yesterday and mid-60's today.

Wizard got a workout and was a good boy considering how long it has been since anyone rode him, and DD did a great job, especially considering that she is a full-time college student and doesn't get much saddle time.


  1. Oh, sounds like a great time was had! Very nice pic of SD and Wizard, time to go to a show:)

    Great pic of a Christmas Tree Shaped BonFire,what a clever idea:)

    Happy Birthday to Kevin, the guy with big toys!

    I mean...

    never mind..

  2. Happy Birthday and hope you had a good one!! Mine is today--and I refuse to admit to how many. Good people, ain't we???

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun, I love bon fires.

  4. Happy Bday Phaedra!!!

    We did have a really nice time, Kevin works alot so it is nice to have him here all weekend. Getting ready to grill out again. Will check in tomorrow.

    Love to everyone!

  5. Happy Birthday Kevin and Phaedra! Looks like a great day! And Wizard is gorgeous!

  6. Thanks Fern, he is pretty isn't he. He is a nice mover (especially his trot) and extrememly brave over fences, but he can be quite devilish too.


    SD and Wizard did show a few years back but life got in the way. I am hoping she can foxhunt him next season.

  7. Happy Birthday Kevin and Phaedra. Wizard is one heck of a handsome boy. He looks like Trooper's Mini Me. I'd enjoy see more photos of him.