Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It has been a bad week so far, and unfortunately, it is only Tuesday. The beautiful Cherry tree at my house made me feel better. Spring does have a way of making me feel better!


  1. Gorgeous! I bet it smells heavenly! Hugs Girl ,I hope your week gets better , and a big old snuffle from Justus too!

  2. Our daffies are just starting to bloom. Trees are budding....waiting for a frost that will kill the magnolia buds...again. Hope thing are better; bad weeks suck and snowball...

  3. Hugs and schniggles and extra charm, for the finest in smarm.

    What beauty in your own back yard!
    Does it smell like heaven?
    ooops, FV already said that.

    Sorry I'm late, hope the rest of the week improves!

  4. Our neighbor has a fruit tree of some sort that looks almost the same. Gorgeous as ever. Cherries? So should we all converge on Hummingbird Hill and bake some pies and tarts? That might bring things back around for ya.

  5. I wish all could come for a visit, but unfortunately, the tree is a Cherry Blossum tree, so no cherries.

    Today was better, but the week is dragging and I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. This is all work related, so no worries!

    Shearer is coming on April 8th.

  6. The Bradford Pear trees here are just beautiful also, CCC. No pears on them, either

  7. NCC,

    I LOVE Bradford Pear trees, they are so gorgeous, they don't need to have pears. There is a farm a couple of miles from me that has a long driveway. It is flanked by Bradford Pears all the way up to the house. I will try to get a picture before the blooms are all gone.

  8. Our Bradford is in full glory... but you have to be careful with those. I think the female smells like fish when in bloom. It's quite horrid. My high school got the wrong 'sex' of them and the whole court yard smelled like a ... gosh I dunno where you go to find a large quanity of dead fish either that or a brothel ... :) Sorry, too much? hehehehe

    I still need to come see you and all your critters and apparently your lovely cherry blossom tree. :)

  9. I have never had a Bradford in my yard although there are tons of them in the area. I didn't know they had a smell.

    You know the welcome mat is always out girl!

    My two girl crias are quite friendly, they love human scritches.

    Shearer is coming on Thursday.