Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gracie worked really hard this afternoon and finally was successful. I watched her for a bit, but I couldn't stand it anymore. I could hear the damn thing screaming from up on the porch, so I went down and got it away from her. I heaved it into the woods, don't know if it survived, but Grace watched for awhile.

Sorry, my fierce bad hunter, but I will make it up to you later!


  1. Atta girl Gracie, just do it where mom's tender heart won't be affected . I am like that to I am OK with the cats,or Winston killing a mouse as long as I don't have to watch.

  2. Damn it, the pics aren't here. I will fix it. This is not very cute unless you see the pics.

  3. Okay, the pics are here now.

    She got a piece of roast beef to make up for the loss of her new pet. Truthfully, if I didn't take it away from her, I would have found it's carcass in my bed sometime later.

  4. Yuo the pictures make the story! I kinda had it pictured in my head ,but she has a cuteness factor all her own!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, bravest most fearless hunter dog!
    Adorable shots, how silly, huh?
    The Silence of the Moles...

    Big old GSD got bit on the nose by a mole. He screeeched:)
    Gracie is VERY brave.
    She looks so forlorn in the last pic.
    HAY, where's my toy gone??

  6. Our dogs get a hold of gophers, frogs and occasionally a bird or two. If it isn't dead by the time we get there, we end it's suffering, because by then there's usually not much hope.

    It may not end up on the bed later, but there is often no telling if they are carrying anything- germ, virus or otherwise. Can't risk it. Especially with the girls. Poor critters, but if it weren't the dogs, it would be something else. In that case it would be a meal. Or an appetizer.

  7. My fierce bad mole hunter died of seizures a few years ago. He learned to not dig in the yard but the field was fair game. He dug one out one time that his whole body disappeared in the hole. The mole was huge! Now I resort to mole pills. Neverending battle.

  8. Hey Phaedra, missed you.

    Grace looked like she was digging for China when she pulled this guy out. The ground here is very wet, so it is quite soft, I am surprised the little bastard wasn't all pruny from being underground.

    If you look back in my old posts, probably March or April of last year, you will see pics of my Dalmation Mac, he had really bad seizures too. Just about killed me. Still can't talk about it and that was 8 years ago.


    I usually am able to put stuff out of its misery, tool of choice would be a sharp nosed shovel, but that damn mole didn't have a mark on him. Grace was just slinging it around having a jolly good time, he was running around just fine. Even though we hate moles in the yard, I just couldn't do it. I did throw it back in the swamp, so maybe it drowned.

    Funny thing here is that the dogs somehow manage to sneak awful stuff into the house and it ends up on my bed.

    I just talked with my brother, he is going to bring up some snake shot for my .22 pistol, that will be good for dispatching certain varmints.

  9. I love the one of Grace pouncing, so intent on getting that moley crittur. Our dogs could care less about the moles and Norway rats (now there's a varmint for you) but our cats... well, that's a whole different story. Finding a headless rat on the bathroom floor is pretty disgusting.
    Then there are the shrews- they bring them home, too.

  10. Who was it that brought the turtle in the bed. CCC?

  11. Fearsome Flip will torment her prey, not "hurting" it, until she gives the final death snap of her teeth to the hapless critters head..
    Then she rolls on the deadness.

    Her prey is never bigger than her paw.

  12. Paddy,

    My cats are bad too, the carnage can be pretty disgusting to clean up.

    I wish I could have gotten a good shot of her throwing it up, but they came out too fuzzy.


    It was probably Elvis who brought the turtle in. He loves to find turtles and carry them around. I have rescued dozens of turtles from him. When people ask what breed he is, we tell them that he is a Charles City Turtle Hound.


    Grace usually does kill her prey pretty quick but she had to work pretty hard to get to that mole so I think she wanted to keep her "toy" around for awhile.

  13. ^^^^^^

    Thanks Dog for fuzzy pictures

  14. 14th, just in case it's over-looked;)

    Flip was diggin' snow drifts today.
    Whoof, PouncE!