Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The deed is done. Boots, Honey and Portfolio no longer have their dangly bits.

Boots and Honey were really not breeding quality and while Portfolio was, he is now six and had never been bred. We have his full brother Impact, so he isn't needed for our program and there is no market for a six year old unproven herdsire.

Gelding them will make them much more affable and will make living arrangements easier.

Very interesting to watch the procedure, I haven't even seen a horse gelded. Give em some drugs, a few cuts with a scalpel, pull out the testicle, cut some things, a few ligatures, push it back in and BAM, instant nice guy!


  1. Much the same with horses. Some vets lay them down, others leave them standing. Some vets use their hands to get a hold of and remove all remnants, then there is some power attachment for a drill that pulls it all out. (I can't imagine this being good, but to each their own.)

    So what is the alpaca word for gelding? Is it the same? Just curious. Our neigbor banded the calves to castrate them. A bit of a different procedure, (emasculation- sp?) but the same final result.

  2. Oh and I about snorked my drink when the word verification came up- tests

    Almost right on topic!

  3. I am guessing that Kevin was glad he was spared?

  4. Who knew brain surgery was so easy?(lol)
    Looks similar to the procedure for horses. Calves we have done them that way, with the bands or with an emasculator(Bedeezers, big angry looking clamp that essentially cuts the cords without breaking the skin)

  5. These guys had to be done laying down, they were too loopy to stand. Gary said doing the bands is not real good for pacas because of their anatomy.

    NCC, Kevin was there and happy to help. These boys were a pain in the ass to deal with. It was one of them who caused all that damage to Dakota, the one with the really bad wound and all of the maggots. Still creeps me out just thinking of it.

    I will say there were a few jokes and lots of commentary going on between the three of us. Gary has been my vet for 20 years and he and Kevin have always gotten along really well.

    Incidentally, Gary is the lead singer and lead guitar in a very popular local band. He is really good.

    GL, not Rocky Mountain Oysters, thats for sure.


  6. Have participated in a few gelding procedures. Still makes me wince--well, more like shudder, really. That said, gelding made a couple of obnoxious colts waaaay better citizens and kept me sane.

  7. Forgot to say that when Boots was still laying down coming to, Kevin brought Honey around the side of the van, he saw Boots laying there, some bloody gauze, a bloody towel and then he got this look on his face like "OH MY GOD, THEY ARE KILLING PACAS BACK HERE."

    It was really funny!

  8. Phaedra- does it bother you too? The noise to be heard when they clamp things off... that crushing sound.

    Sickening sound if you ask me. One not too soon forgotten. In one horses case it was the most wonderful sound to be heard and boy did he change!

  9. "Bam, instant nice guy" Snork! Poor babies, it looks awful. You must be glad it's over.

  10. oouch.
    When I was pre-vet, I've helped two vets with lambs and calves, emasculators, bands, and cuts.

    needless to say, I switched my major.

    word verif is prernis!