Sunday, February 7, 2010



  1. OH, that's just too precious.
    Lookit the little cria crowd. Oh, my

    (cuddle factor explodes)
    I think I wouldn't be able to handle watching them moving. Notice I've stopped whining for cria cams? I don't think it would be good for industries, like mine. I'd be glued to the monitor.

    But if you DO find the movie button on your camera...
    I'd FORCE myself to watch;)

    Just a bit more snow, eh? Couple inches?

    Thanks CCC, HHF pictures, as usual, are awesome.

  2. We had about 4 more inches, but it is melting a bit today, the sun feels warm today.

    I do want to try to get some video, unfortunately, most of the time they aren't doing anything but standing around or when they are pronking around, it is too dark. Maybe when the snow melts I can try.

  3. awwwwww.

    Hey, a couple inches is up to 6 inches in Canada-frozen north speak.

    Glad there was no tree damage? They look heavily laden with the white stuff.

  4. GL,

    No nothing came down and there was a good bit of melting going on today. We never got the winds that they were talking about, thank goodness. That could have gotten really ugly.

  5. CCC- looking back over the last few days of pics- the snow covered trees made me think og being in the mountains here for the snow and hearing the sound of a breeze through the pines. Nothing like that sound. Or the crispness to the air.

    And those itty, bitty, cria, critters are just so freakin adorable! Good thing we don't live where they do well. Our horses may be run outta the barn.

    Do they clip/shear them like sheep or comb them like the musk ox? Need help when the time comes? I would love to give it a shot.

  6. What a cute little ball of wool. The light brown colour is very pretty.

    I think all the snow in Toronto goes to GL's house. We have a sprinkling on the ground that should melt soon.

  7. CNJ,
    Alpacas Kush and are sitting down to clip so you don't have to wrestle a sheep with one hand while attempting to clip with the other.

  8. So the paca's sit down or the clippers do?

    If the paca's do, how do you clip their legs and belly? Or do you?

    I'm thinking like clipping a horse for halter where you take everything off. Sitting down for that would suck because you would end up with the hair or the horse on you. That would be bad! Really, really bad!

  9. I love the cria photos. Snow, not so much. We had an inch the other day (when you all south we slammed) that wound up in drifts with bare ground. We are expecting 6-8" tonight and then, yep, you guessed it---drifting. Roads are expected to be impassable until Thursday. Goodie. Snuggle up to your pacas and give them a snuggle for me!!!

  10. Oh, meant to say we have a couple pairs of cardinals that mooch from our feeders. One of the males seems to have a death wish, he keeps flinging himself at the large window in the kitchen. The only thing that deters him is the cat sitting in the window staring at him. Idiot bird.

  11. CNJ,

    They get shorn once a year. Ours will be done in early April. I haven't seen it done yet, but it shall be very interesting. We will have a guy who travels the country doing it, apparently, he is the best. He can do an adult paca in less than 5 minutes. I would imagine that they do kush or at least some of them do, am not sure if that is what you want though. I think you do want to do at least the top part of their legs and some of the belly, although parts of the belly don't have much fiber on it. I will certainly get pics and report back in on the experience.

    They definitely don't like the heat. We have a gazillion fans that we put up and they stay right in front of them during the heat of the day even after they have been shorn.

    CNJ, I love the snow but, really, I think I am good for the year, really, not kidding here, it can really stop. I would like to actually ride my hay burners sometime soon.

    Phaedra, will give little Kerry a scritch from you. She loves to have her back scratched, it is too funny!

  12. CCC- I will send you some of our summer heat right now if you will send the snow and cold our way beginning in June and continuing through about August, maybe September, okay? We got a deal right?

    Five minutes to shear an adult paca? Now that I would love to see. Granted they are a bit smaller than the horses, but I have the body clipping down to about 3 hours. The last one being going back over everything to make sure I got it all and otherwise dealing with a horse being fidgity while doing their legs and such, but still- 3 hours on the average.... What is he using? Those big Stewarts?

  13. CNJ,

    Part of the difference I think would be that the pacas are being shorn just to get the fiber off, not that they want to do a raggedy job or anything. They aren't so worried about clipper lines. They leave some of the leg fiber and don't do their heads. I think it is pretty much just like sheep shearing.

    I have never seen it done before so I will be learning alot when it is done. I will get pics and hopefully video to show you.