Saturday, February 20, 2010


They delivered our new tractor and manure spreader earlier this week. Kevin is like a kid in a candy store. The tractor has alot more to it than our old lawn tractor that is 11 years old and Fred the big tractor that is a 1965 model, so he is still learning. He is calling the manure spreader his shit slinger. LOL!

He informed me at breakfast this morning that there is a big farm equipment auction not far from us on his birthday, I think I am getting scared!


  1. Hey, we could have JD Lawn Tractor races! Ours is just about like that, I call her Gloria.

    Nice machinery, congrats!

  2. imperiet
    was word verf. How do you do that?

    Imperiette, of the Smarm.

  3. and then

    It is NOT.
    Pale as the snow still on the ground:)

  4. Cute little setup. We would burn out that little shit slinger here in no time , but it does look handy!

  5. I got a manure spreader two years ago. It's about 5x the size of this one, but still way small compared to the manure spreaders that my neighboring farmers run. I totally felt like a real farmer when I got it!
    I call it "Manny - the Little Manure Spreader that Could!"
    Welcome Kevin to the joys of spreading manure whilst sitting on your arse. (Somehow fitting...)

  6. We chose this spreader based on our needs for the Alpacas, not the horses. We have a different arrangement for disposal of horse manure.

  7. Actually that one would likey work well for our horses,its the cows that would kill it .

  8. Hmmffff. I never named my tractor. But if I ever get a shit slinger, watch out!!!

  9. You know the saying--the only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys--Watch out!!

  10. Yeah, my bigger one I got cuz I need to spread manure (or compost) 4 or 5 acres at a time. My 3 horses don't produce enough for that (I use my horse manure as an ingredient in building compost) so I actually bring in a couple truckloads of cow manure (which also has better nitrogen than horse manure) every year. Love, love LOVE the "good shit."
    I have been hearing rumors that alpaca poo has some good properties for soil building, although not a lot of info on that I've found. Do you know anything about that CCC? We actually picked up a few truckloads of alpaca poo from a neighbor to add to our last compost pile.

  11. PF,

    I am not a poo expert, at least not yet, but I have read some things about paca poo being much better than most other kinds of poo. I do know that it composts better and faster than other poo. I will see if I can find more info in some of my paca magazines. It is known as Alpaca Gold.

    We plan to spread it, probably mixed with a bit of horse poo all over the place. Additionally, I found a cool aerator (?) thingy I am going to get. They attach to the back wheels of a lawn tractor and as you drive, the spikes aerate the soil. Kind of like medievel snow chains that you put on tires.

    We need to start working the plot of land where we are going to start our new garden. The pacas took over the area where it was before.

  12. It's called "Alpaca Gold", PF, and it's worth a LOT of money.

    Cow poop is a whole 'nuther universe, just sayin, FV.

    I think Kevin haz a HUGE toy.

    so there.

  13. I SO want one of those.
    Huge farm equipment envy here. LOL
    Wasn't that someone's present?

  14. BH,

    No, the tractor and the spreader came from a portion of the money we got on the insurance payment from Jasper's death. Kind of a bittersweet moment to say the least.

    We used some of the money for this equipment because we needed it and will use the rest to probably buy a new female paca next fall.

    We have to use the money for business reasons to offset the fact that all of that money is counted as income and in our tax bracket, that is the last thing we need.

  15. Cool on the poo. I have a "source" now for getting it, as long as we come with trucks, strong beds and shovels to pick it up. I would love to see a nitrogen profile on Alpaca poo, but haven't seen one yet. We used a combo on alpaca poo, horse manure, chicken manure/bedding, veggie waste and lots of old nasty hay I had gotten for free to make our last compost pile. 24 feet long by 4 feet by 4 feet! I'm hoping to get enough to spread at least 1 acre - hopefully 2 - at a time. And then make a big pile like this 2x a year.

  16. Oh, okay. That makes sense.
    Bittersweet, indeed. I do like the thought that Jasper will be at the farm, in spirit, for a long time coming. :)

  17. PF,

    Will do some research for you and see what I can come up with on the stats on Alpaca Gold.


    His spirit is definitely here, but I wish we would have been able to bury him here alongside Shannon, but we had to have the necropsy done because of the insurance and they did the "disposal" of the body. Kind of cold in my opinion, but I am not very good at that type of thing.

  18. Looking like a kid in a candy store too.

    We currently have an old manure spreader sittin out back. Hitched to my truck. Because it is that big. It was left behind by our former 'guest' and hubby was thinking to buy it off him.

    Instead we are looking at the manure spreaders as advertised on RFD. Why not buy new and save the hassle of trying to find or build parts for the ancient things. Sometimes you're just better off that way.

  19. That is what we thought. Kevin was looking at used ones but was able to get a good deal because we bought the tractor at the same time and paid cash.

    The spreader at the last barn I boarded at was forever breaking down.

  20. I like some of the old stuff out there, but with all of it, there comes a time when done is done and it's time to move on. Sounds like your man is a frugal shopper and sound of mind when it comes to dealin in practical products. Ya got yourself a good one there CCC.

  21. CNJ,

    Kevin is a good one, he puts up with me and all of my critters, which is saying alot. He is also very smart and takes care of so much. Definitely a keeper.