Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jasper, he is a bit skinny here.
Artemus, he is the king. Jasper's daddy.

Anyhoo, have an interesting story about the Pacas to share. Especially to the pushy broads. I was going to save this for the weekend. It really isn't a fuzzy cute story and no crias are involved. Acutally, a bit icky if I do say so myself.

One of our Pacas, Jasper, was very ill this spring before we got him. His previous owner spent thousands on vet bills. They were worried he wouldn't make it, but his caretaker was told to give Jasper some spit from his father Artemus. ????? Anyway, they extracted spit from Artemus, shot it down Jasper's throat via syringe and he was much better very shortly.

Anyway, he has been doing okay and has put on a bit of weight but not enough. It was decided that Jasper needed another dose of Artemus spit, so it was collected last night.

Extracting spit into a cup involves holding the head and cup just right and someone on the other end messing around with shall we say, his reproductive organs.

Pisses em right off!!!

SPIT, Score!


  1. Paca's are so handsome. Spit??? What the? Yuk!
    I demand, being a demanding broad, cute paca stories.

  2. BHM:

    Cute stories will occur, I promise. I do think it is interesting that feeding Jasper some spit from Artemus essentially saved his life. Nasty but in a weird way, very touching.

    Don't ya think??

  3. Oh, I think it's adorable:)

    Probiotics, eh?

    Good luck and extra spit for Jasper!!

    Well, I think it's cool. Who, exactly, did the "fiddling"?
    never mind, I don't want to know.
    But I betcha it wasn't CCC;)



  4. Definitely cool. But, how does it work. Thankfully the poor boy is ok.

  5. Absolutely paerfect! I needed a laugh and you came through brilliantly! Glad that for pacas swapping spit is a medicinal thing!

  6. Oh my... I had never heard of this! The spit isn't so distrubing it's definitely the fiddling to piss them off... weird.

    Many of the pacas we had at the vet school would spit if you looked at them. Some were NOT handled enough before they got to us hence the quick spit trigger... oh well ... never got me!

    *ducks paca spit and runs*

  7. I should specify I'd never heard of giving one spit from another... I guess to give the sick on 'good' bacteria that was endogenous to pacas? I'm assuming... ?

  8. I am thinking you might be onto a new business venture if you design and market a spit collecting recepticle. Kinda like a body fluid carrot stick!!!

  9. CCC,
    Just so you know. I was joking in the first post. Not serious. I love your paca stories. I'm waiting for more.

  10. No, I wasn't the one doing the fiddling. I was the one doing the laughing.

    I am not sure why this works, but it makes since about good bacteria or maybe something enzyme based.

    Paca Poo and Paca Spit, interesting business sideline, don't you think?

  11. Interesting that spit from one makes another healthier? They are super cute.

  12. Yes, AB, I betcha it is like eating yogurt.
    Make the good bugs happier..